Xbox One vs PS4: Spencer Hates The Console War

The Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, has described the never-ending ‘console war’ – hotly debated in online forums and social networks – as ‘distasteful’.

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TheGreatGamer1096d ago

'Distasteful' is putting it lightly, one might say petty, embarassing or even pathetic

Abash1096d ago (Edited 1096d ago )

That's pretty ironic TheGreatGamer considering the way your behavior has been in the past and the fact you only have two bubbles on this site.

Anyways, I can't say I am impressed at all with what Phil Spencer is saying, considering he allows Aaron Greenberg to embarrass the Xbox division with his immature comments and jabs to the competition that only fuel the console wars.

He works very closely with him yet he is fine with Aaron Greenberg continuing to be as tasteless as he was during the Xbox's prime last gen

TheGreatGamer1096d ago

I own both consoles and just a few months back had 7 bubbles. I had ps4 since launch and picked up an XB1 january this year. I found I was really enjoying it so this meant i started posting positive XB1 comments which 90% of the time got furiously downvoted yet when i posted positive ps4 comments they get quite a staggering amount of agrees > disagrees. This is why I find myself with 2 bubbles

Dlacy13g1096d ago

Greenburg and Adam Boyes are cut from the same mold imo... I find both to be rather repugnant.

AngelicIceDiamond1096d ago

"Aaron Greenberg to embarrass the Xbox division with his immature comments and jabs to the competition that only fuel the console wars."

Sure but Sony's been jabbing at Xbox more than MS has at PlayStation. Sony jabbed at Kinect, Jabbed Forza with Drive Club and even jabbed at EA as well with EA access.

Yeah MS jabbed but Sony started it first.

TwoForce1096d ago

@AngeliclceDiamond It doesn't matter. Both company do what they do. They do that because competition of course. Who do first ? It's depend on them.

dkp231096d ago

Aaron greenbergs new job responsibility should be not to talk or post messages. Guy says the most idiotic things and is complete opposite of phils vision.

Sony played the role of troll at e3 during their launch announcement

Both sides has had their roles in all this.

AngelicIceDiamond1096d ago

Well I guess the sky isn't blue anymore right? According to the disagrees.

That's fine because your not disagreeing with me, you're disagreeing within yourselves at this I brought the facts and the truth. Depends on how you guys take it and clearly, and I MEAN CLEARLY nobody can take the truth at all, emotionally attached fanboys are funny.

Anyway you guys See No Evil right? nah, just on one side, despite there both jabbed at each other. People on this site need some serious help, get a therapist talk to somebody do something because the denial is scary its creepy like at this point like are ppl human or machines on here?

MasterCornholio1096d ago


Nobody loses bubbles for posting positive comments about Xbox here. Its when those positive comments troll the competition is when they do.

If you believe that your loss of bubbles was unjust just communicate that to a mod and they will fix your situation.

Moderators on this site are actually quite good and they don't mind if you communicate with them. I've talked to them many times in the past and they always have been helpful to me.

Dee_911096d ago (Edited 1096d ago )

@abash Considering Aaron greenberg is a grown man, it'll be hard for Phil to control what come out of his mouth. He control the company not the people.

Gozer1096d ago

Every single one of you fanboys are pathetic. Take a moment to objectively examine your own behavior, and the behavior of other fanboys. You are behaving like children to put it bluntly. Grow up. I cant tell you when, but I can tell you that at some point in your life you will reflect on this behavior and see how childishly ridiculous it is.

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CyanocittaCristata1096d ago

Agreed, we're in an age where we have three great consoles all pushing each other to do better, that kind of competition is healthy and will only help improve games.

Arguing about who's the best on the other hand, does nothing to support the growth of gaming.

1096d ago
Lennoxb631096d ago

We are becoming Sports fans. The only thing that makes us slightly bearable is that we don't get into physical fights like they do.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1096d ago (Edited 1096d ago )

Thank god this imaginary war with 0 deaths only happens on the internet.

Plenty of gamers I know seem okay with the systems they have and stay respectful. Even they go and buy the other console to play with their friends.

I just flag/downvote/bubble down/report the a**holes of the Internet and proceed to ignore them and post my comments althought some of them manage to get on my nevers sometimes -__-'

CyanocittaCristata1096d ago

I've got to say that most of the gamers I know are pretty sensible about this but, as with any medium really, there's always a few people who just want to cause an argument for argument's sake.

It's fine to someone to think PS4 is better than Xbox One (or vice versa) but is it really necessary to start fighting over it?

At the end of the day, they're both consoles that 15 years ago none of us could even dream of. Why can't we just enjoy them?!?!

medman1096d ago (Edited 1096d ago )

Well cyanocittacristata, that's people for you...when you can't win a fight in the physical world, you fight in the online world where even if you lose, you get to keep all your teeth.

user99502791096d ago

It's the article headline a bit hyperbolic? Spencer wasn't nearly as vitriolic. Hate is such a sharp word.

S2Killinit1096d ago

Thats what i was thinking. He probably would be saying something else if his console was ahead.

stuna11096d ago (Edited 1096d ago )

The sad thing is he'll never admit it, and the fanbase definitely won't admit it. That's why people are saying now let's play nice, but history has already proven that a reverse scenario has already played itself out last generation with the same circumstances. The difference being that the underdog this generation was the one being in a superior and more dominant position.

All the topics on the table being discussed or, debated are the exact topics being discussed and debated now.

stuna11096d ago

So crazy Phil would say this now! The question that sits on my mind is iif the roles were reversed, would he still have voiced his distaste for the so called "Console Wars"!? I think not. History has a way of revealing and bringing back memories of events that some would like very hard to forget.

StarElite1096d ago

If the roles were reversed, Don Mattricks would of probably never gotten fired.

medman1096d ago

How dare you mention he who shall not be named....

Never forget. Never forgive.

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