The Angry Birds Movie Trailer Introduces Us To Red, Chuck, Bomb, And Pigs

The first trailer for next year's The Angry Birds Movie has been released, and it introduces a number of notable characters, including those villains, the Pigs!

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awkwardhamster1118d ago

finally, finally, finally
enjoyed their cartoon shorts

BB1118d ago

I was really surprised how good this trailer was.

Thatguy-3101118d ago

Exactly! Seems like the type of animation movie that will have a lot of jokes that are aim for adults more than kids.

psman0121118d ago

Likewise. I was very skeptical at first but I got a few good laughs out of it!

-Foxtrot1118d ago

It's off putting this is Angry Birds.

If it was a new thing I could totally get behind it, I mean the voice cast alone is fantastic

Fireseed1118d ago

But simply because it's based on a free to play game for kids you're against it. Wow dude.

-Foxtrot1118d ago

I didn't say I was against it, I just said it was off putting

How the hell did you get a totally different thing from that

Jesus Christ man

gangsta_red1118d ago

What exactly is off putting about this? It's like any other movie based on a game, toy or any other popular thing out there.

-Foxtrot1118d ago

The same reason why video game films in general are off putting.

gangsta_red1118d ago

I would like to know where the angry part comes in at? It just seems they are making a movie on name alone.

Whateves, I am pretty sure I'll never see this film anyways.

contradictory1117d ago

Jesus Christ Man was my favorite Robotmaster from Megaman too!

ABBAJESUS1117d ago

Jesus Christ Man was my favorite son of god.

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