Sony Advertisement Suggests Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Will Be Free on PlayStation Plus


Potentially just a mistake by the PlayStation Store team in North America, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag for PlayStation 4 is listed as free for PlayStation Plus members in the Deals & Offers section.

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uth111180d ago

Noooooooo!! I need my fix of 2D side-scrolling games with needlessly appalling 8-bit graphics! /s

Seriously though, since GWG already gave it away, it shows Ubisoft is open to offering it, so it's very possible

dvewlsh1180d ago

I know, I need another two games added to my library that I might play for five minutes before moving on.

NewMonday1180d ago

this I actually missed despite the good reception, AC3 made me hate the franchise, maybe I'm over it now, will give it a try if its on PSN+

dvewlsh1180d ago

ACIV is actually one of the better games in the series, for sure.

Hairy Chewie1179d ago

AC:BF is my favourite in the series so far (gameplay wise). It made unity seem like a huge step backwards.

Old_Prodigy1179d ago

@dvewish The fact that you're on water a lot is a big negative for me already.

Clunkyd1179d ago

Sure beats most of these boring indie games. Leave that to PC, AAA are more appealing to us console gamers.

Yi-Long1179d ago

I'd love to see Black Flag as a PS+ game. I have wanted to play this game ever since it was announced, but the DLC kept me from buying it at launch (as usual), and I've been waiting for them to release a complete edition ever since, which hasn't happened (yet), so now it's been so long that I'm just waiting for either a cheap 'complete bundle' in the PS-Store, or for it to be 'free' in the PS+.

jacksons981179d ago

Black Flag was a great game, one of my favorite of the series. I love the vibrant locale, the music (shantees) and gameplay

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arbitor3651179d ago

>8bit graphics

today's generation of gamers are just an embarassment

uth111179d ago

Looks like someone missed the /s sarcasm flag

lipton1011179d ago

I'm with you man. I just don't play 75% of the free games that came out. Not complaining, they are free in a way, I just don't like "indie" side scrollers. And I grew up with Genesis and snes. I did like odd world, Abe's odyssey though. And limbo. But the binding of Isaac, don't starve, fez. I just can't get into them. I want more offerings on par with outlast. That was an exceptional game

KidBroSweets21179d ago

I agree with everything you said except you must give Isaac a shot! It's my most played ps+ game by far. Almost no two playthroughs will ever be the same which makes it a blast

uth111179d ago

And Don't Starve is loads of fun, but I was put off by the visuals at first

HeavenlySnipes1179d ago

Since you mentioned 2d games, Teslagrad is really great and is available now for PS+

Play it, you won't regret it

3-4-51179d ago

AC: Black Flag is an awesome Pirate game and a decent AC game with a likable cast of characters and a good story.

It also has normal multiplayer.

I remember when AC used to be good, and the new one looks just as bad as Unity.

IamTylerDurden11179d ago

You guys are so funny and closed off, if you think last month was a bad month for PS+ then you really need to wean yourselves off the AAA coolaid a little.

If you own all 3 like me (PS4, Vita, PS3) then last month was golden. STFU is fantastic if you actually learn the intricacies of it's A+ gameplay. If you think the beautiful graphics in Teslagrad are appalling then i can't help you. La Mulana Ex is phenomenal on Vita, it's a full 40hr game with a Platinum. You voted for Grow Home, Xeodrifter was a new release, and Twisted Metal is a legit "AAA". In my humble opinion it was a great month.

Just wondering, do games like God of War Ascension and Rocket League count as "appalling" games you will play for 5 min and move on? People love to complain.

I personally don't think that this brief error indicates anything, i do not think it's foreshadowing, but i do think it was a simple mistake. Who knows really, i say if you were planning on buying it for $15 then you still should.

Regardless, AC Chronicles China for $5 is not bad, the Arkham Knight Season Pass for $27.99 is a good deal as well as Arkham Knight for $41.99. Freedom cry for $7.50 is okay.

yeahright21179d ago

I own all three also, and honestly, your comment still sounds like damage control.
I don't mind the indies, I've enjoyed quite a few of them, I think we all just want a better balance of AAA titles.
Just about everybody gave them a break post launch but we're just about 2 years in now. which is probably about 1/3 of the way through this generation, and still we're bombarded with indies.
I get the EA's and Ubisoft's might be reluctant to put their big games up for PS+ but what about knack? killzone? last of us? Infamous? those sales have got to be on the decline.

IamTylerDurden11179d ago

@ prince

Damage control for what? Like i work for Sony? I'm just giving my opinion and i feel someone like you who owns all 3 PlayStation systems should be grateful that you get 6 games every month.

With all the good games we've gotten on Vita over the years (on plus) you honestly don't even have to buy any Vita games, that alone makes the $4 per month worth it.

I can see people who casually play not being happy unless they give big name titles, but i personally am pleased. I wasn't happy that Grow Home won so i bought Zombie Vikings and i was slightly disappointed with Xeodrifter, but every other game this month imo was excellent. I used to be closed off to "dinky little indies" as well (to a certain degree) but i opened up and i've realized how great games aren't necessarily always AAA.

It bothers me that people gloss over certain games simply due to their appearance, Teslagrad is free and people still won't play it. Teslagrad is outstanding and the visuals are gorgeous, it's disheartening to see people not even download it. STFU is fantastic as well.

Because of cross-buy more people are now able to play more games, if you only own a PS4 you got 4 games this month. I find it humorous that you are clamouring for Knack, a 2 yr old game that people generally despised (i liked it) is better than a critically acclaimed new game? Why bc Knack is AAA? Would you've preferred Knack instead of Rocket League?

It'd be fine if we do get AC Black Flag next month but one downside is that nearly half of the people on Plus will potentially own it or have already played it. I didn't own any of the 6 games this month and it felt like i got a basket of goodies. I guess it's all about preference and opinion, and i'm simply voicing my opinion. If i felt it was a bad month i would let it be known, i felt Grow Home was a bad choice by the people and i feel it's a mediocre PS+ game.

You are asking for Killzone, tlou, and inFAMOUS but we DID get inFAMOUS First Light a while ago. Your go-to will be to call it a DLC but imo it's a full sequel except without a Karma system and an arena mode instead. We got inFAMOUS 2 on PS3 and Killzone Mercenary on Vita. Tlou Remastered is a huge game and it's only 1 yr old, it's a bit unrealistic to expect it. I remember when we got Injustice Ultimate PS4 and nobody cared, same with God of War Ascension, Yakuza 4, Thief , Dishonored, Styx ect. To each their own, i just want quality games. We'll see what happens with Black Flag.

Locknuts1179d ago

Got it on Xbox One for free with Live a few months ago. It's a great game but if you've already put as many hours in as I had it's actually better sometimes to get a game you wouldn't buy otherwise. Like and indie game.

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excaliburps1180d ago

Not sure about this. If it's free on PS+, then it's fine for thos who absolutely need AAA games on it. Personally, I prefer another game, but good for those who want more AC.

Maybe in time for AC: Syndicate? Yeah...

PhucSeeker1179d ago

Yeah! Played it on X360, got it with GWG on Xbone. The fact that it doesn't run at 60 fps does not help either. So... another game would be great.

yeahright21179d ago

If this is true, it has everything to do with Syndicate just like both X1 and PS4 got ground zeroes just in time to get us hyped for MGS5.

GamingWithMack1180d ago

I still need to catch up on Brotherhood / 3 -.-

KidBroSweets21179d ago

I am not at all a fan of the series but I did buy brotherhood and absolutely loved it. Couldn't get through more than an hour on all the other AC titles except for Black Flag which really was a solid game for what I remember, just had other games at the time I'd rather play

G20WLY1180d ago

So I always hear, so this would be great for me, since I've yet to try it. I want to, but in all honesty (and I'm slightly ashamed) the repetition in AC1 ruined my fun and I've played none of them since!

I know I'm an idiot and have missed some good ones since... I have been VERY tempted by Black Flag and keeping a close eye on the development of Syndicate, as I love the setting.

I, for one, really hope this rumour is true!

morganfell1180d ago

I actually preferred Freedom Cry to the main ACBF campaign. I felt the motivations were more justified. However, the campaign on Black Flag dovetails into AC3 very very well.

NukaCola1179d ago

BF ia my favorite AC game. Best pirate title as well.

gillri1179d ago

I also hated one, but AC2 turned out to be one of my favourite games ever, I literally had no hype for AC2 (despite the great reviews) when I put in on I was like 'ok well you have got to wow me' and it did , just a stunning game play it

Savsky1180d ago

Am I the only person who thinks the ship battles ruined the game?

eklektic1180d ago

I believe the ship battles and the fact it was a pirate game was the only good part about blackflag i at one point was a huge ac fan. But I've lost all interest in ac.

Silly Mammo1180d ago

I thought I'd hate the ship battles(totally skipped them in AC3), but I ended up loving going out and destroying galleons and forts. Reminded me of the game Pirates! of old.

I'd like to get this again. Sold my copy after finishing the main quest, but would like to sail the seas again with my tricked out vessel. .

morganfell1180d ago

They were too numerous and the ship movement of some of the craft made me feel like I was 8 years old in the tub.

The Legendary Ships were a different matter owing to their rarity.

The standard ships were too numerous as well. I understand they wanted to give you plenty of targets to loot and they were obviously overcome with the idea if 2 is good then 10 is 5 times better.

I would have preferred fewer ships, better loot but more work in gathering intelligence on routes and times of departure. I wanted tough intricate missions on land to tell me the ship was sailing with the morning tide and what the direction and destination may be. Then I could plan in accordance with the route and winds to pick the best point, tacking the wind and hiding in fog banks until we could waylay the prize. not always better.

Gh05t1179d ago

I think they relied too heavily upon ship battles in that game. It should have been a sweet pirate game and not an AC game. But then again the things I liked about the first few AC have been stripped from the new ones so im obviously in the minority.

I still hope Unisoft will allow someone to make a truly impressive strictly ship/commerce game with that engine tweeked a bit.

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FITgamer1179d ago

I'd probably give a shot haven't played AC since AC2 and quite a few people i've talk to have said Black Flag is the best one since then.

AizenSosuke1180d ago

Cool but maybe AC I to III .

deadpoolio3161180d ago

OR you just get a job and go purchase them yourself....Its not like 1-3 aren't super super cheap now

GamerGT1180d ago

And are all available on PS Now. This most likely is how I will catch up on Assassin's Creed. I just beat the first one almost a month ago. I'm ecstatic I can pay them all from one source.

AizenSosuke1179d ago

I thought we had a vote system for PS+ if I'm not wrong.