Final Fantasy: death at X or life at XII?

GE writes: "What I wanted to discuss is something I see constantly throughout Final Fantasy Facebook groups. It’s that Final Fantasy stopped being good after IX or X. Why IX or X? Because strangely X seems to be the first one that began to split the Final Fantasy faithful. What the fans (and I stress not all the fans) usually agree is that XII certainly was in the decline zone. But it most likely started at X. But why?"

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Yahdaree1060d ago

Personally X was my favorite. I know it's not everyones but I just love that sphere grid.

CLOUD19831059d ago

The fact that you got 11 Agrees & just 1 Disagree till now shows clearly that more people like this game than what you think, imo those who didn't like FFX it's a minority most people love it me included it considered after all one of the TOP PS2 games of all time & it's the 2nd best selling FF, now if we talk about XII then this game hated by most FF fans for sure there is no comparison between those 2 games the fans of X is many times over those of XII no brain.

kalkano1059d ago

"I personally feel that if you could pick a start of a “decline” it would be X-2. But I don’t really think it went downhiller as such (even though I’m not a fan). I think it’s when Square Enix (Squaresoft) began to experiment. VII, VIII, IX, and X followed a similar style of gameplay. Yes X looked more advanced (it did come out on the PS2 instead of PS1). But the battle system, whilst more refined and faster paced, still very much followed the traditions set by the previous games. X-2 was the beginning of the change."

I completely agree. X-2's ridiculous story that crapped all over X's ending didn't help either, though...

Unfortunately, I still see no signs of recovery for the series. In fact, it's only getting worse, and I DO think it will be reflected in XV's sales.

kalkano1059d ago (Edited 1059d ago )

"But I do think everything in life needs to embrace change. The local business that stays the same and doesn’t move with the times is usually the first to go out of business. The relationship that become stagnant will ultimately come to the end of the road. Change is important. And if the series didn’t change Final Fantasy may not have even continued and be strong like it is now."

Whoa. You completely lost me. Good change happened from 1-10. Then, they started changing GENRES. That's BAD change.

I don't know what planet you're living on, but the series isn't "going strong"; it's in decline. If they hadn't started changing genres, I GUARANTEE it would be much better off than it is today.

Adrian_v011059d ago (Edited 1059d ago )

I GUARANTEE it wouldn't.

Final Fantasy is going strong. XIII was good in sales but had a bad reception, still 2.7 million people bought XIII-2. So a lot of people liked it. You can;t judge the series on XIII-2 and LR though, those are spin offs. It's like judging the series on X-2 or Dirge of Cerberus (which I liked both, what I like about FF is the constant dare to change, if I wanted to play the same game over again I would play the same game over again). Spin offs always sell less then the main title. You can't judge a series based on one entry. Many believed VIII was a flop after VII.

XIV is doing well again, with 5 million active users and subscribers. Judging by the response until now to FFXV it will sell well too, despite what you believe. It gained the attention of many people that were interested in FF but never gave it a try cause they were shied away by the turn based gameplay.

Roccetarius1059d ago

XIII-2 and LR are definitely not spinoffs, because they directly continue from XIII (which only got good sales because of FF's reputation).

dkp231059d ago

Ffx was great even with the bad lead, but ff12 was trash.

-Foxtrot1059d ago

They started to experiment with the series after X and they didn't need to.

They started to make each game so different from one another. In the end it wasn't needed.

Nothing was wrong with turn based combat. FFX revamped it a little bit and if they continued they could have done a Lost Odyssey and added something like it's ring system to keep people more engaged.

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