EGX 2015: Ones to Watch at This Year’s Largest UK Gaming Event

Chris Mawson writes: "On the eve of the UK’s largest gaming event, we at Power Up Gaming are busy making our final preparations for our third consecutive EGX, and will be bringing you extensive coverage from the Birmingham NEC show floor.

Due to the massive scope of the expo, the vast array of titles and goings-on on offer at EGX may prove a little daunting to both newcomers and seasoned convention attendees alike. For your convenience, we’ve put together a list of some of the more notable happenings and upcoming games at this year’s gaming extravaganza, which runs Thursday (September 24) through Sunday (September 27)."

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HarryMasonHerpderp1179d ago

So excited to go tomorrow! :D

SirJoJo1179d ago

Can't wait! got my early bird tickets back in May for Saturday and Sunday, i'm still a little salty that they move it from London to Birmingham though. I understand why they did it, to make it more central for the whole of the UK but come on now, who really wants to go to Birmingham! (yes I've have been to Brum).

TLG19911179d ago

i would much rather go to Birmingham that London any day of the year. plus haven't they made a separate EGX for london? EGZ Rezzed?

SirJoJo1179d ago

Rezzed is nothing compared to EGX (I went early in the year), it's just a bunch of indie stuff, not that thats bad but you get my drift.

And you'd be the first person I have heard say they'd rather go to Brum than LDN, each to their own i guess. I live in London so I could be slightly biased but having been to Brum a few times for work related reasons and a stag night, nothing about the place ever made me think hmm, I'd visit this city again.

Immorals1179d ago

Yeah I'm annoyed that they moved it up there, not a huge fan of Birmingham!

Guess the timing would have sucked, London is busier than normal due to the rugby!