Press Start: Why I'm OK with video game violence

Video game violence is nothing to fret about, columnist Jake Magee writes.

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Godmars2901182d ago

I'm not OK with having to have this discussion. Be it because parents can't or wont monitor their kids yet complain what they have access to, or someone can't accept diversity. Who wants to dictate how games are made, especially ones they'd never consider playing.

MysticStrummer1182d ago

I have a young cousin that just got a PS4 a couple of months ago. His parents are the only ones I've ever seen actually go into GameStop and look at the ratings on the boxes. I feel a little sorry for him because they're overly strict about it imo but at the same time I applaud them for making the effort.

Of course, he ends up playing the games they try to screen out by playing them at a friend's house…

OT - Art reflects culture, so if people think there is too much violence in movies and games they need to look at the real problem instead of it's reflection. In MGS5 there is the potential for lots of violence if the player chooses lethal methods, and for much of the game Snake is helping the mujahideen (Osama Bin Laden's training buddies), but instead of those things what are more MGS5 articles about…? Quiet's boobs.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

i don't think video game violence leads directly to real violence. But I also think there is something wrong with most depictions of graphic violence in any art form. It's not a video game thing, but that being said, I wont play games like god of war, or wolfenstein the new order the same reason i won't watch most r rated movies.

And it's not because I "can't handle it" either, I would enjoy playing those games gore and all. It's more of a personal moral obligation.

Phoxel1182d ago

This is a perfectly valid reason to not play violent games. Thanks for sharing.

contradictory1181d ago

There's nothing wrong with knowing what you like :D

i have a love/hate relationship with Horror games because i get spooked extremely easily...but i love the adrenaline rush!