Honest Game Trailers: Until Dawn

From the developer of terrible motion controlled party games, comes the game that lets you murder all the awful people you hated in high school.. wait? You're supposed to keep them alive?!

Warning: this video contains spoilers.

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ArchangelMike1174d ago

I'm surprised this game is still getting alot of media attention. Funny 'honest' trailer, and I like the dig a MAss Effect 3 :)
...but yeah lots of spoliers!

uth111174d ago

I played through it twice, but I still don't want to see spoilers for what I missed!

Tedakin1174d ago

honest trailers is always funny

KionicWarlord2221174d ago

"Strap yourself in for a game so hands off it literally takes your hands off the controller"

"Missing quick time events because you forgot you were playing a game"

That part was hysterical.

Der_Kommandant1174d ago

Better than Bioware ever has.

The truth has been spoken!

ArchangelMike1174d ago

IMO better than most games that claim to give players narrative choice.