Will VR price gamers out of the market?

VR is always that market which is treated with caution. At this point, the average worker who could afford one of these headsets in the UK would have to be on £32,000 a year to buy the hardware and still be able to afford to live, worked out by statistics from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The price for one of these new babies is in the region of £400 plus any extras (touch controls) - and in Sony's case the PS4 itself!

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GENWire1178d ago

Great article! Way too expensive!

thekhurg1178d ago

VR isn't going to price gamers out. Gamers will price out VR if it's too much.

Just because someone releases tech and some developers utilize it doesn't mean everyone has to buy it. Too many people forget that these are options not mandatory accessories

kneon1178d ago

I would rather the initial price be too high rather than having them cut corners and put out a crappy product.

The price will come down over time but the platform has to survive 5 years or more before the next major update, so they had better get it right the first time.

smolinsk1178d ago

way to expensive for something that is not even 1 to 1 when moving your hands and head.

N0TaB0T1178d ago

In this market you need to price things competitively, especially if the product in general works in tandem with an already expensive platform.

Sad it has to come to this.

Dario_DC1178d ago

Guessing prices now? Good... I personally can't wait for this, I'll be using it everytime I'm playing by myself, even just as a monitor and to watch movies etc... I'm not gonna use it just for VR games.

Ark_1178d ago

I am not sure, if you would do your cervical spine a favor ... just saying.

Dario_DC1178d ago

I will be on my sofa or lay down to watch some movies and stuff. Lot easier on my back lol

frelyler1178d ago

A TV costs anywhere from 300 to 2,000. This device is essentially a TV, but more immersive. Also, the article mentions that currently shops sell VR fear for 20 something. Please tell me where these "shops" are. In addition to that software is not being made by the big players for those devices if they do exist. I have never read an article on available VR for 20 something. Not saying this author is lying but why not provide a link to said devices. The author comes off as whiny and entitled. Not to mention video games have stayed at their current price for the last twenty years without being influenced at all by inflation. This article is crap, the "research" done into the article is crap and this is just one persons uninformed opinion on something he feels he is too poor to pay for, therefore it must be demonized. Pathetic article.

jamstorr861177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

I think you have missed the point of the article all together. I know the author personally, and he isn't in a position where he couldn't afford VR hardware. He is highlighting that most gamers, who have homes and families to support, have tough choices to make. Do they spend an extra £400 on VR, alongside their already expensive games console or gaming PC, or do they spend that money on something they and their families would benefit more from. A TV is something the whole family uses, wheres VR isn't. TVs and VRs are very different so that comparison is a joke. You come across as someone who is privileged. I guess mum and dad have good jobs to fund your gaming habit. You clearly don't own your own home and have a family to support, as you would value the worth of items much more if you did. If you do in fact have a family to support, then shame on you.

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The story is too old to be commented.