Hands-On with ‘Halo 5: Guardians’: A Campaign to Put ‘Destiny’ to Shame | VICE

Two's company, four's a Game of the Year candidate? Thoughts on 'Halo 5''s ensemble campaign and cracking Spartan Abilities.

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boodi1180d ago

"When first I heard about Halo 5's expanded campaign I feared it would be similarly heavy-footed, a case of chronic sequelitis that's all whiz-bang and no subtlety. What a relief it is to discover that this is as deft and surgical a shooter as it is bustling and spectacular"

mmmmmmmmm i really want to play this asap . .. . . how many days still.....

Foehammer1180d ago

High praise, as is the norm from what I've seen of H5 previews.

Of course there's nothing preventing ppl from enjoying both.

Going to be a most enjoyable Holiday.

Sonyslave31180d ago

343I putting Bungie to shame smh I can't believe how the student have surpass the master in every way.

Mystogan1180d ago

We already knew 343 was better at story telling. Halo 4 had the best story of any Halo game, it actually explained some shit like the Forerunner wars. Halo 5 story is just bound to be even better.

Elit3Nick1180d ago

You can notice all the little details that 343 added, like in Chief's intro when the spartans use their magnetic boots to stay in place while the sangheili are being sucked out into space.

user99502791180d ago

We need a super mega snowboarding spartan level with the slope of death.

aviator1891180d ago

Nice to hear the campaign coming along really well.
Can't wait to take that huge covenant Kraken myself.

corroios1180d ago

Lol 343 better then bungie. Not on this universe.

1180d ago
isa_scout1180d ago

From what I played of the Halo 5 beta(about 30 hours) it's already a much better shooter competitively than Destiny. Bungie dropped the ball so hard with Destiny MP. I don't think we can say 343 is better yet, but we'll all know the answer to that question come Oct. 27th. I'm leaning toward a big fat hell yes. As long as the online works at launch I think 343 has the upper hand.

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The story is too old to be commented.