Quantum Break Undergoing Engine Optimization; Might Allow For More Polygons & Objects

Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break is receiving optimization to the game's rendering engine, which might allow for more polygons & objects.

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Neonridr1176d ago

The game already looks amazing. Crazy to think they might be able to push the game even more.

Super jealous of Xbox One owners, I love Remedy and their work.

Might have to break down and pick one up for this game.. :P

Septic1176d ago

Probably worth a rental tbh. Borrow a mate's Xbox instead.

Neonridr1176d ago

lol, there are some other games that interest me too, but this might be the game to push me over the edge.

Volkama1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

Probably worth sacrificing 7 virgins for tbh. Pre-order the most expensive edition immediately.

Or hold off on making judgement until the game is actually released. But that'd be boring.

abstractel1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

This, Halo 5 and Gears of War 4 (maybe Scalebound but I'm skeptic about the MP part) is what I am getting an XB1 for. However, engine optimization doesn't mean that the game is going to look better. In fact, it might end up looking worse. We don't know how well it's actually running now throughout the whole campaign. The optimizations could be because they need to in order to maintain 30fps.

Witcher 3 underwent engine optimizations and you compare gameplay footage to what actually shipped and well... It could mean using less samples for volumetric effects seen in the gameplay videos. It could mean less samples for physics. It could mean faster but worse AA. You should be cautious to be too optimistic.

Having said that, I do think this will be an awesome title and I doubt that it will be downgraded to the naked eye, but the fact that it looks better than every other XB1 game while pushing so much physics (offline, no Azure) makes me a bit worried. I also think XB1 is capable of it, but I just don't feel we haven't seen it yet. Ryse is the closest, but QB does a lot more on screen than Ryse.

Fingers crossed it'll turn out stellar because it looks to be one of the best games announced on any platform so far to me.

hay1176d ago

They say: "optimize the rendering engine"
Translation: "we have trouble keeping it on par with the trailer"

They say: "there's always room of optimization"
Translation: "code is so shoddy there's room ONLY for the optimization"

Teh industry... Don't get me wrong, no hating here, I'm just sick of the BS they feed you with.

AngelicIceDiamond1176d ago

@Septic depends on what kind of sp it is and its replayability.

I'm wondering where MS is getting all this extra power from I mean its already 1080p but yet pushing more polygons and objects on screen.

Just plain upgrades at this point. But that frame rate better not suffer, if it does then they can hold the 1080p and extra optimizations tbh.

Either way this is super impressive here and its no surprise this is coming Remedy.

Kingdomcome2471176d ago

Really? Remedy is a top notch dev, man. Does this game not interest you?

Farmassy1176d ago

Anyone know if this game will have multiplayer? I've looked but couldn't find a definitive answer. I think it would be hard to do but would be amazing if done correctly

Septic1176d ago

Yeah its interesting but what are you gonna do once the campaign is over? Play it over and over again? Well I rarely revisit sp only games.

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Justiceleague1175d ago

Just like Alan Wake lol. Who thinks this game will be better than Alan Wake?

Septic1175d ago

Ah fair point mate. I didn't consider that. But practically speaking, he shouldn't buy an Xbox console simply to play one single player game.

Still, each to their own.

NewMonday1175d ago


that's what I did way back for PS3 when MGS4 came out, only got my own when Uncharted 2 came out.

UncleJerry1175d ago

@ septic...I know you are saying he shouldn't buy an x1 to play this one single player game...but it's not like hes literally gonna biy x1, play this, then box up the console and slide it under his bed. There's plenty of games to play but sometimes it takes that one "must have" title to get you to finally jump in. That's how it was with ps3 for me last gen. Uncharted 2 made me finally get one, and after that I started trying a lot fo other titles. This gen I got both from the start, but I can see why some people hold off until theres that one title that you just can't resist.

Point being...this is surely looking like a "must have" title so far and it's not like buying a console because of one game means that you will only ever play that one game.

Bathyj1175d ago

Na, this will be the game I get an Xbox for. I'm not into renting.

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SolidGear31176d ago

Yeah, Remedy was a huge reason I got a 360 for Alan Wake so yet again they'd be a huge reason I eventually get an X1.

DarkOcelet1176d ago

Not sure why you got disagrees when Alan Wake was indeed one of the best games on X360 last gen.

Neonridr1176d ago

Alan Wake was my favorite 360 game. Loved the entire game and cannot wait to see Remedy return to that franchise.

Mystogan1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

So it's going to look EVEN BETTER? Ever since reveal each gameplay video released looked better and better. I was sure it was locked after the gamescom gameplay and now they're telling us that it's going to look even better? Damn, these remedy guys are insane. Microsoft better acquire them before its too late. Remedy is Microsoft's Naughty Dogg.


I have a feeling that remedy doesn't want to be bought. They seem like the kind of studio that wants to remain independent. If they are open to being bought...MS is crazy for not scooping them up?

AizenSosuke1176d ago

Maybe but damn even further though!

abstractel1176d ago

Remedy hasn't produced the quantity of quality titles like Naughty Dog. Uncharted 2, 3, Last of Us and Jak and Daxter vs. Alan Wake and Max Payne 1 and 2. To me ND wins out by a fair margin.

As far as Quantum Break and Uncharted 4, they look equally good at the moment. U4 edges it graphically and on the action scale, but I love the style of QB, the time abilities and the story seems more interesting.

But we'll see when they come out. So many good games coming out, great time to be a gamer.

Nivekki1176d ago

Max Payne 1 and 2 were far better games than ND was producing AT THE TIME. Even now they are well worth playing through.

ND are great developers, but they haven't made games I've loved as much as QB.

All the awards can go to hell, QB have made games I loved more.

Neonridr1176d ago

@Nivekki - I think you should replace QB with Remedy in your statement.

jb2271176d ago


I can respect your personal opinion, but you can't really have one in regards to QB yet as it hasn't released. No one can really say that QB is better than TLOU right now because you can actually play TLOU. QB does look amazing & I'm sure it'll be great when it releases, but it could shatter your expectations or completely exceed them, that's an unknown at this point.

ScorpiusX1175d ago

here's hoping they are open to being bought and they cement this relationship .

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fermcr1176d ago

Gameplay and story... that's the most important. As for the graphics, game already looks great.

Meltic1176d ago

I got two 970 cards here at home. I'm going to sell them and then buy me a Xbox one. I already got a gtx 980 ti

OpieWinston1175d ago

980 Ti is a solid GPU to keep you running strong for a while.

Kingdomcome2471176d ago

This is my most highly anticipated game. I just pray that it isn't delayed again.

Dragonking0071176d ago

This game wont be x1 exclusive eventually heading to pc I recall reading something about that most x1 exclusives wont stay on x1

Caedus5111175d ago

The only place I've read anything like that is from Sony fanboys in comments sections. Until it's announced for PC there is no way to qualify this as being ported to PC.

mixelon1175d ago

Chances are, yes this will come to Windows. No reason at all to think otherwise. Remedy are big PC guys, I feel like they do the console "exclusive" thing for the funding and media spotlight - whatever it takes is fine. I loved Alan Wake on 360 but it was definitely a big improvement on PC.

Why *wouldnt* they release on PC? Once all the dlc is out and sales and hype are down. I'd bet on it.

1175d ago
Neonridr1175d ago

not confirmed and who knows how long a PC port may show up later..

LackTrue4K1175d ago

sound like its getting pushed alright.....
"Pushed back on it's release date again"

lvl_headed_gmr1175d ago

Sounds like Remedy is implementing DX12 into their engine....

More polys and objects....will look better...

Yup, DX12 advantages.

AndrewLB1175d ago

If the last two years are something to go by, "engine optimization" means they're downgrading texture quality to achieve playable frame rates. Kinda like how CDPR announced the witcher 3 would be 40+gb last September and after 6 months of "optimizing" the finished product was 25gb. Texture compression is usually the cause of things like that.

Kyizen1175d ago

Engine Optimization = PC version. Just get it on PC don't buy an Xbox One

REDDURT1175d ago

Alan wake , enough said.

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VER1ON1176d ago

Indeed, Remedy is really putting it out there. The game looked amazing at Gamescom. Good to hear they are trying to push the visual fidelity even more.

christocolus1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

Higher poly count,more objects and even better effects are highly welcome.The devs at Remedy are some of the best in the industry. The game already looked so stunning at Gamescom can't wait to see more,hopefully we'll get another sneak peak before the year comes to an end.

HaydenJameSmith1176d ago

Oh I'd love to see more, I want to play it so badly...

VER1ON1176d ago

Hope to higher count doesn't compromise the actual framerate. They did state optimization so I guess they want to keep the current framerate while getting the most out of it.

christocolus1176d ago

I hope not. The gameplay shown at gamescom was smooth. Steady framerate should always be priority and i believe Remedy won't jeopardize that.

HaydenJameSmith1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

Awesome, I'm already satisfied with the current build. Anymore is just icing, just want to get the game in my hands already...

FlexLuger1176d ago

I am totally in favour of this approach. This is going to be one of the big hitters for xbox, along with,Gears 4, crackdown 3, scalebound and Recore, among'st others.