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Dragon Quest Builders may appear to be a Minecraft clone, but don’t go writing it off. It brings with it the color and beauty of Dragon Quest‘s rich world, to great benefit.

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knifefight946d ago

I think this'll be good for older gamers who grew up loving Dragon Quest but feel too "old" for Minecraft -- because that's getting a reputation as kind of a kids game (even though it's perfectly playable by any age group).

jon_snow946d ago (Edited 946d ago )

DQ games always appeal to every age group of gamers as it always as something for everyone.
DQ builders has great visual style, awesome gameplay element, deep crafting element and strategy element; Some or All of this can be enjoyed by every age group.

3-4-5946d ago

I really like the 3rd person overhead view of this game compared to Minecraft.

It helps make it feel different enough, and the Dragon Quest RPG elements help as well.

* Dragon Quest is awesome.

S2Killinit946d ago

This game has soo much charm. I want to delve into its world badly.