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So you've got things that, on paper, should make your game more free and open, right? But it's like they hit an uncanny valley of openness. Eliminating "random" battles sounds more free, but the end result in Star Ocean 5 delivers virtually (if not exactly) the same number of battles. Allowing characters to move during scenes sounds great, right? But instead of the freedom, one's focus is drawn toward the place where the freedom ends. It's admirable to add these things, but weird that they don't end up helping Square Enix's cause.

What little I got to see of the story was decent, but that's just it: I saw very little. Where it goes could be anywhere at all. Longtime Star Ocean fans know exactly what I mean.

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DarkOcelet1180d ago

You can never judge a JRPG game by a mere 15 minutes demo.

knifefight1180d ago

Yeah it usually takes so long to get deep into all the systems.

G20WLY1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

Ni No Kuni was the perfect example of this. The demo didn't grab me (other than the graphics), but I caved and bought it in a sale.

Thank fudge I did! I nearly missed that gem!

As for SO5, the same surely applies; you need to spend more time with it to form a worthwhile judgement, as gut feelings and initial impressions can often steer you the wrong way.

Geobros1180d ago

Thats true. But I am jealous of that guy who played those 15 minutes. And of course, I appreciate his opinion.

Vanfernal1180d ago

So this game hits the phenomenon whereby a computer-generated figure or humanoid robot bearing a near-identical resemblance to a human being arouses a sense of unease or revulsion in the person viewing it. Of openness...

Does this guy even know what the uncanny valley is?

Relientk771180d ago

One of my most anticipated games, Dragon Quest XI too.

JRPGs are back

Eiyuuou1180d ago

I'm going to hibernate. Wake me up when the first JRPG's start releasing!

DarkOcelet1180d ago

Its starting with Disgaea V on OCT 6TH and its getting some pretty great reviews.

Guess you will wake up soon :D

Minimox161180d ago

And then we got Dragon Quest Heroes (I Know its a musou game but its Dragon Quest!! :P) , then Tales of Zestiria, then Sword Art Online: Lost Song in november :D

Eiyuuou1180d ago

Out of those only Tales suits my taste... I'll just let my bro play it first so I can sleep a bit more...

jznrpg1180d ago

Huh? Uncanny Valley of Opennes does not compute.

Forum_Pirate1180d ago

No, the ability to look anywhere during a scene don't sound good. Maybe in TES, not in SO which is pretty focused on telling a specific story and looking anywhere just means you miss important stuff.

No, all the battles being on map doesn't sound good for the exact reasons you mentioned and the JRPGs rely on the players level/gears/skill for advancement so unless you change EXP values you need the same number of fights to progress regardless. (and items to reduce or eliminate random encounters if you don't want to fight have been a thing since Pokemon Red in like 1996 (quite possibly earlier) so on map battles aren't necessary to make that possible.)

Dated isn't a thing. Almost every system in games is old, several are really old and date back farther than video games do but we don't go around calling them dated. It's just hipster slang for *I don't like this as much/anymore* wrapped up in a pseudo objectivist package.

I'm convinved that this guy and those who would echo his sentiments have basically no concept of how things they "want" to "improve" the series will impact the rest of the design in said series or even how they would work in the first place.

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