Why I Will Be Spending My Hard Earned Cash on Dragon Age: Inquisition Game of the Year Edition

Jo from GamersFTW writes: "It was announced yesterday that BioWare will be releasing a Game of the Year edition of Dragon Age: Inquisition on the 6th of October. As someone who is probably about halfway through her third run of this game, let me tell you why I will still be buying this edition."

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GamerGabs1178d ago

Sounds like it's about time I picked up the Dragon Age games. I hope you enjoy your blanket cocoon when the Game of the Year Edition is released.

MrsNesbitt1178d ago

Haha! Same here I really need to try these games out!

Yukes1178d ago

Have a spare few hundred hours with Fallout 4 on the horizon? Not enough hours in the day!

nowitzki20041178d ago

Never played much of DA before Inquisition.. It was my game of the year last year, check it out. You will love it if you are into RPG's. I didnt like the combat at first but as you build ur character and get used to it, it starts to become really good. The variety in the maps is really nice as well.

c00lvilKid691178d ago

I loved Origins, but it hasn’t aged well. I didn’t even bother with the sequel. Maybe I should give this one a go.

Maple221178d ago

I did have another crack at Origins and thought the same about it not ageing well. Hopefully this one will fare better!

c00lvilKid691178d ago

It was a bit stagnant, wasn’t it? It felt like I was playing a different game the second time around. I don’t know why.

Summons751178d ago

It's no where good as Origins (though you are right, the graphics haven't aged well). Inquisition feels like on offline MMO. By itself it's okay and for the series it's certainly far better than 2 could ever dream to be but Origin's still hold place as the best.

kraenk121178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

The characters and storytelling in Origins are way better than in Inquisition though. Chances are you could be disappointed like many, including me.
DAI plays more like an offline MMO.

c00lvilKid691178d ago

If Origins still has a better story, it sounds like I’d be disappointed with this one then. I’d play it, but I have to be picky about what games I invest my time in to these days. So much for this series being the spiritual successor of BG though.

Yukes1178d ago

Origins was an excellent RPG and like many I missed the sequel. Been interested in Inquisition for a while so will definitely pick up the GOTY Edition...After Fallout and the Witcher 3. Argh so many games!

SolidGear31178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

See It's the opposite for me because i got the sequel right after it came out and platinumed it within a month and then tried Origins but thought it was pretty bad in comparison to the second so I quit and sold it after 10 hours. Then recently i got Inquisition and took about 80 hours to complete. Now I want that Trespasser DLC to get the real ending :3

lordmiffter1178d ago

Well I definitely will be!

Skellytorx1178d ago

I'm shocked no one has played through the Dragon Age trilogy! Get to it gamers.

You can be sure I'll be adding the GOTY edition to my ever growing BioWare collection :)

SolidGear31178d ago

I got my platinum in DA II about a month after it released. Then I got Inquisition after I got a PS4 in July. Time to get Trespasser. Yes, I also had Origins a few years ago but I honestly couldn't get into it.

alex1015941178d ago

Dragon Age is my favorite franchise.

SolidGear31178d ago

I love it too (except for Origins) but Mass Effect will always come first between the two franchises. I'd literally have a heart attack if they finally announced an trilogy collection for current Gen. I mean at first they were asking what everyone wanted in a current Gen remaster and then time passes and around E3 they said it was unlikely. Way to play with my feelings, BioWare.

alex1015941178d ago

@solidagear3 I'd die if Origins got remastered on ps4 with all DLC.

kraenk121178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

I played through all 3 in a row and Inqusition ended to be my least favourite. It's a far cry from Origin's quality.

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