The Dark Knight Batsuit Coming to Batman Arkham Knight

SegmentNext - Sefton Hill has revealed that Batman Arkham Knight is getting The Dark Knight Trilogy Batsuit. The same suit that was worn by Christian Bale in the films is a perfect fit for Arkham Knight.

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poppinslops1154d ago


Here's hoping it's not confined to challenges, like the Tumbler - if not, then I'm definitely playing the whole game in that outfit... now all Rocksteady needs to do is convince Christian Bale to come in and shout all of Batman's dialogue, otherwise I'm just gonna keep on waiting for the inevitable 'GotY edition'.

HaydenJameSmith1154d ago

You can use the Tumbler in Free Roam but you gotta get the Tank Battle side missions outta the way cause it doesnt have a Tank mode...

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IamTylerDurden11154d ago

Awesome, i'm not sure if it beats the 1989 batsuit but it's still awesome. Nothing beats the 1989 Batmobile, jus sayin.

madcowzz1154d ago

Nothing beats the '66 Batmobile IMO. That thing is iconic. Too bad they butchered the look in Arkham Knight to make it be just the AK Batmobile with a skin overtop of it and call it the '66 Batmobile.

psplova1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

Cool, but this game more Bat nipple.

contradictory1153d ago

cooool, but when will you release the un-rekt pc port?