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In a darkened room in downtown San Francisco, a dozen or so journalists are hunkered down over Xbox One consoles playing the latest build of Halo 5: Guardians. Off to the side is Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, dressed in what seems to be his go-to style: t-shirt and jeans. Spencer seems as affable in real life as he comes across in media interviews, happy to talk about all things gaming in an open manner. So while I was there to primarily speak to Spencer about the upcoming release of Halo 5, the conversation eventually, naturally, became more wide ranging, encompassing topics such as the future of VR/AR, whether an annual Halo release schedule is possible, and why he always seems to praise his competitors.

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FoxyGotGame1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

I know people love Phil Spencer, but I can't work the guy out...on one hand he's basically saying this fanboy mentality is ruining gaming, which I totally agree with. But then he'll make public statements that he knows will get picked up by the media...

"Sony is going to drop PS4 price soon", which could slow sales down for Sony as people hold off for a price drop that may or may not occur 'Soon'.

Phil Spencer talks about Sony PS4 too much, "Sony buys up PS4 3rd Party Exclusives".

...and he knows just what he's doing. IMO he's no different than a 'stealth troll' when he does stuff like that, and undoes ever good thing he's done IMO. Concentrate on the Xbox brand and quit the dirty tactics, before you lose respect & admiration from non partisan gamer's /

raggy-rocket1180d ago

'thatPSguy' I found another pocket, guys

MCTJim1180d ago

I think you mean statements that will get picked apart by the trolling media, lets all face it there is so many troll sites out there. From reading the comments in the other article the guy just answered the question. He was asked a question about whether or not he expects a PS4 price drop and he said yeah if we look at the is that trolling? The article is right here on this site and you can look at the quotes for yourself.

I've never seen people spin an answer to a question so maliciously.

freshslicepizza1180d ago

you act like he gets on the phone and talks to the media like he has tourettes. he answers questions and those answers are often little sound bites that get placed as headlines.

it's alarming how bad the vitriol can be out there. he is doing exactly what all these forum critics have called out microsoft out on. kinect is no longer mandatory and is pretty much in the background now. the price is cheaper which is good compared to a more powerful console, the emphasis in on games, xbox gold is no longer required for things like netflix, the number one requested feature they managed to implement backwards compatibility is coming, they are investing into more owned ip's.

the list goes on yet the same vitriol exists and seems to actually get worse. so don't try and deflect things and suggest he is actually a stealth troll.

TheCommentator1180d ago

Wait. Public statements from the head of Xbox get picked up by the media? That's so weird...

Did you know that 8 year old private conversations do as well? They can even get someone cut from the WWE roster!

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Imortus_san1180d ago

Good interview, that the place I like to game the most, keep up the good work.