Halo 5 Campaign Preview Impressions | IGN

IGN have played two missions of Halo 5's big, co-op-happy campaign. Here's our spoiler-free take on what we saw.

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Black0ut1058d ago

Looks so amazing. Only one more month guys >=D

Thunder_G0d_Bane1058d ago

My body is Ready. I just wish I could have the elite controller for launch.

Can't wait to hit Warzone and check out the Req loadout packs. Definitely interested in this.

Got two of my friends ready to play the campaign with.

Black0ut1058d ago

I hope you enjoy it man. Good times!

3-4-51057d ago

Looks good, now for the multiple maps to be revealed.

boodi1058d ago

looks pretty good to me

Iluvtrim1058d ago

Game of the year. Not even close.

Malphite1058d ago

Maybe shooter of the year. I doubt it'll win many Goty awards considering the strong lineup of Goty contenders.

Septic1058d ago (Edited 1058d ago )

Shooter of the year maybe but severely doubt it'll get any GOTY awards. Too much stiff competition.
Edit- I realise I've basically said exactly what you did but reworded. Lewl

mark_parch1058d ago

don't think iv'e ever been so excited for a game. 343 done a great job building up the hype for launch

Paytaa1058d ago

I really hope we see a Halo 3 level of marketing soon. Halo 3 was literally every where you looked, hell there was even a ad at my local convenient store. Halo 5 is the true successor to Halo 3. It's the perfect evolution. This wait is slowly killing me.

Septic1058d ago

Yeah Halo 2 marketing was mad. That really added to the excitement factor. All over buses everywhere. I still remember getting my copy of the game. Aaah memories.

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The story is too old to be commented.