EA Access' Next AAA Vault Title Revealed

MWEB GameZone writes: "EA Access' next AAA Vault title has just been revealed. Here is the game that Xbox One owners who subscribe to EA Access will be playing, presumably in October."

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HoldenZA1177d ago

Oh looking forward to this one!

Sillicur1177d ago

Yah EA Access is just getting better and better it seems

Black0ut1177d ago

AWESOME! The value in EA Access is beyond amazing. Glad I bought a years sub last month!!!

Automatic791177d ago

Wow incredible value offered and EA Access is only in its first two years of this generation.

user99502791177d ago

yeah this is a big one. I was so close to buying it in that games with gold sale last month, but stopped myself at the last second because I knew this would happen. This is the next big reason to keep hanging on to my EA Access subscription (and Battlefront demo/discount)

good stuff. Looking forward to jumping back into 64 player The Block servers.

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HanCilliers1177d ago

Assuming most don't have the game

Dlacy13g1177d ago

I actually don't buy ANY EA games anymore...and instead just invest in EA Access. I will happily play this via the Vault.

SonZeRo1177d ago

Hardline is a good game, but it had horrible following so good luck have people to play with.

Sillicur1177d ago

I really enjoyed the Multiplayer and still do sometimes even after my review was done. Its pretty fun and the hit registration feels great compared to some older battlefields.

freshslicepizza1177d ago

this will no doubt help revitalize the multiplayer. the good thing about ea access is the list grows, they don't remove a title to replace it with another.

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TheGreatGamer1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

Why Sony thought EA Access wasn't good value is crazy, been holding off Hardline waiting for it to enter the vault

Sillicur1177d ago

Indeed, great value for $30 a year! And it keeps getting better as time goes by.

Davi1231177d ago

No its not. You need to have Xbox live to have EA Access, so is 80$ for a year.

bleedsoe9mm1177d ago

wait until BC games start entering more fequently

Lev19031177d ago

@BoyBigEyes. Xbox live 30 dollars a year. Ea acces 30 dollars. Total 60 dollars.

Bf Hardline
Dragon Age
Need for speed
And 8 different Sport games.

Yeah totally not a great value here. And you need Live for playing online;)

HanCilliers1177d ago

I wonder how many Xbox One gamers do this. And I agree, great idea from MS.

Sillicur1177d ago

Im starting to think that sony really dropped the ball by not using EA Access as well.

ShowanW1177d ago

@BoyBigEyes, you DO NOT need to have Live Gold to have EA Access.

You need to have Live Gold to play the multi-player portion of games...

So if you buy EA Access just for the single player aspect of games, you are fine to just purchase EA Access...

Do not spread false information to people

Davi1231176d ago


You are totally right! I'm wrong!

XBOX Live $59.99 (not $50)+ EACcess $30 = $89.99!!!

You pay $30 for Live? A full year? Good for you!
Always are big promotions for PS Plus and Xbox Live all the year! :D

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