Dragon Quest Builders may look like a Minecraft clone, but it's also delightful


When Square Enix unveiled Dragon Quest Builders earlier this summer, the game immediately drew comparisons to Mojang's Minecraft, thanks to its blocky graphics and emphasis on construction and crafting. After playing the game at Tokyo Game Show, it's safe to say those comparisons were justified, though Dragon Quest Builders is not without its own unique charms.

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uth111178d ago

Visually looks much better than Minecraft though. Minecraft with the vanilla skins anyway..

Rimeskeem1178d ago

I could never get into Minecraft personally.

jznrpg1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

My daughter loves Minecraft but it isnt that appealing to me because of its asthetic, but this game is much better looking. Definitely going to grab this.

OB1Biker1178d ago

Same for me I hope it will pass her Minecraft addiction too ;). Seems to be 3rd pers view only which I prefer.
Hopefully released in the West.

Scatpants1178d ago

This'll be fun on my Vita.