Has Destiny Actually Changed From Its Old Ways?

This article was originally written with a negative and disappointed outlook on Destiny. The feeling was that things hadn’t actually changed from the old system of grinding for better gear. This remains true, but only to an extent. With the release of The Taken King, the newest expansion to the Destiny universe, an amount of curiosity arose. Should players finally take the plunge back into this sci-fi shooting gallery if they previously left it in the dust? This should also give other players who share the same circumstance some peace of mind.

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WildArmed1175d ago

For all the great changes in Destiny 2.0, removing bulletsponges was not one of them.

Regardless of how much they want us to believe that from all their livestreams.

Still enjoying it for what it is. My buddies and I bitch about the game while we play it... quite a bit.

Tequila_Wolf1175d ago

It might not yet be perfect but it has vastly improved since launch. It will always be a work in progress.

WildArmed1175d ago

Agreed. I'm much more happy with my Y2 purchase than I was with my Y1.

ninsigma1175d ago

I find the process to gaining the highest level you can get is a lot more enjoyable that it used to be. I really like the infusion function as well. It means we don't have to equip items we don't want just because they have higher attack or defense. I got bad juju year two last night then shortly after I got a legendary auto with 283 attack (juju is 280). I prefer pulse over auto so I infused and now my juju is 283. Great feature I think.

JeffGUNZ1175d ago

Yeah, I have yet to infuse something but the amount of thought they actually put in this expansion is great. You are really starting to see Bungie at work here.

WildArmed1175d ago

It's really great idea.

Just make sure you infuse with the highest rating possible.

You'll see max gains per legendary marks used that way :)

Now holding on to blues is actually worth it!

ninsigma1175d ago

No don't just infuse straight to the highest you have. If you have multiple items you're willing to infuse into one gun and are willing to spend the marks start from the lowest and go up to the highest. I did the opposite yesterday and ended up not getting as much as I could have.
I had a gun (think it was my legendary sniper) which was about 255. I had a couple guns in the higher 250s then one at 265. I planned on infusing all of them but started with the 265 weapon. This ended up bring my gun to 260 which meant it was now higher than the other two guns so they couldn't be used for infusion. If I'd started from lowest I'd have got the sniper to same level as it because it was close enough for that to happen. Then moving onto the next would have brought me up to that same level because it was again close enough. Then if I'd infused the 265 after that it would have been a lot closer to that level, possibly 262 or 263. These are small numbers of course but it all helps. I do recommend starting from low to high, not going straight to highest.