PS4 Gets Free Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty Dynamic Theme, and it's Actually Awesome: Screenshots Inside

The PlayStation Store is often littered by horrible themes that are also massively overpriced, but at times users do get a nice treat.

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luckytrouble1183d ago

Just downloaded. Can confirm that it's awesome.

Abriael1183d ago

Now, if only this was the norm with themes. I'd even be glad to pay (reasonably) for stuff like this.

Gwiz1183d ago

This is what i'd expect from a next-gen dynamic theme.And FREE....
This reminds me of how the first well designed dynamic was on PS3,i believe it was the Africa theme.That made me buy quite a few themes.

VonKulShii1182d ago

Mine was The Heavy Rain theme.

blackblades1183d ago

I want the free tales theme but you gotta pre-order. I gotta say I like the themes on ps4 much better then ps3, even through you can get anything you want from fan made on internet.

Gwiz1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

PS3 has some great themes,LBP,X-Mas and Haloween themes,i especially like the Moonlit Oasis and New Dawn.

blackblades1183d ago

Yeah I know ps3 has great themes, my ps3 is filled of them to the point where I can't even download no more. They all fan made, like animated vegeta and goku powering up, woman slideshow.

KwietStorm1183d ago

Just downloaded it. They were actually thinking when they designed this. More themes need to follow this direction. Should be child's play, compared to a whole game.

Relientk771183d ago

It's Oddworld, so its gotta be good

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