Each of the Big 3 Consoles Most Important Game of 2016

ThisGenGaming Writes: Every system is defined by the exclusives that they bring out, because lets face it without exclusives we have no definitive reason to have competing consoles. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are both consoles that generally are in the same league as far as their games go, both being the primary units to see mutli-platform games launch on them. The Nintendo Wii U really has exclusives and that alone for its library as Nintendo has banked on finding a niche in the console landscape, and that it has. A title that you can only get on one console is, typically, what leads someone to make a purchase when it comes to a system; and because of that, development companies when making consoles use the mentality “my game is bigger, and better, than yours”.

Each console has major releases hitting in 2016 and each have multiples that you could argue are the most important to their overall success. But which title is deemed the Most Important to each in 2016?

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DarkOcelet1176d ago

I really hope MS market the hell out of Quantum Break and not leave it like they did with Alan Wake. The game have a big potential to be the next big franchise.

KiwiViper851176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

Ye I see a big budget marketing push for QB, Hollywood stars are an easy way to grab mainstream attention. And the fact that it has an episodic television series theme could bring in a whole new crowd.

And the XboxOne needs to stay in consumers minds around that time to distract from UC release.

Automatic791176d ago

QuantumBreak is definitely a game that has the potential to be Massive. But the article is rather limited by mentioning only one title with Runners up. Next year Crackdown, Scalebound, Gears of War all have the potential as well along with QB. But QB is my pick. Definitely going to be interesting first half of the year with The Division, Uncharted, QB. Can't wait.

Rimeskeem1176d ago

I have to disagree with TLG, I would put Uncharted 4 first and TLG second

jb2271176d ago

I definitely agree, Uncharted is a bit more of a solidly known prospect at this point. I'm sure TLG will be great based off of the talent involved but we just know more in order to have more confidence in something like UC4. I honestly think at the end of the year that Horizon may be the Sony exclusive that everyone is talking about though, something about it just seems really special. At any rate UC4 is bound to be my personal goty 2016 as the Uncharted franchise is my favorite of all time.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1176d ago

Nintendo's already stated that Zelda U is coming to Wii U, that it won't be skipping that, and therefore it should be the game mentioned for Wii U, with Star Fox or Pikmin 4 coming in as the runner-up.

Does Nintendo have to tattoo it onto Miyamoto's forehead for people to understand that it's still a Wii U game? Jeeze...

poppinslops1176d ago

Yeah, it's unforgivable - 'runner-up nothing'?!... Whoever chose these games has a loose definition of 'important'.

Quantum Break I agree with - it's got a live-action component that changes to reflect in-game decisions, plus it's an expensive new IP... that said, I reckon Crackdown's more 'important' than Scalebound - despite their quality, Platinum games tend to appeal to 'niche' gamers, whereas 100% real-time physics-based destruction has for years been one of Gaming's greatest dreams.

As for Sony, while the Last Guardian has a LOT to prove, Uncharted has almost nothing to fear - it'll score great and it'll sell great... I'd say Horizon: Zero Dawn is a better candidate - it's a 3rd-person open-world RPG (from a studio that's only ever made FPS games) with robot dinosaurs, plus it's a new, big-budget IP.
Even Platinum aren't going that far from their comfort-zone!

jambola1176d ago

Look at the title, look at the last thing is says
it has yet to be confirmed when Zelda Wii U is coming out,
Also, do you by any chance remember a conversation, at e3 i believe that involved Zelda wii u "definitely" coming out in 2015

Sylth011176d ago

While I agree that there is no guarantee it will be out in 2016, the author goes even further and says that it may not come out for the Wii U at all.

Why accept the announced release dates for every other game and then not accept both the Zelda release date of "2016" and the announcement that it will be on the Wii U? Sure it could be delayed once more, but other games may as well, and announced release dates are the only way for the author to pick what games are coming in 2016.

jambola1175d ago

"Why accept the announced release dates for every other game and then not accept both the Zelda release date of "2016" and the announcement that it will be on the Wii U?" well the other games haven't been delayed yet, zelda has, and Zelda doesn't have a 2016 release date

IamTylerDurden11176d ago

Most important is difficult to quantify, obviously Uncharted 4 will sell the most and overall is the biggest 2016 game for Sony. U4 would have to be the most important, but a game like Horizon Zero Dawn could have huge implications if the game lives up to that amazing demo we saw at e3.

I realize The Last Guardian has alot of responsibility, it's very important that TLG delivers similarly to it's ICO brethren or else people will pick it apart. However, i feel like Horizon is more important bc it has the potential to be Sony's next great franchise.

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