Bloodborne Is An Underrated GOTY Contender, And Why It Really Shouldn’t Be

ThisGenGaming says "Previously, we’ve explored several contestants for Game of the Year, and all of which will be hard to go up against. Most articles seem to be talking about Witcher 3 and Metal Gear Solid V as the top competitors. In fact, I even wrote an article here about how Metal Gear Solid V will be hard to compete with. With Witcher 3’s next-generation open world environment and with all the new features brought to us with MGSV, what could possibly compromise either’s title? Well, to be honest, a game that’s really neglected in this hypothetical competition is Bloodborne."

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SCW19821176d ago

This game will not be overlooked come time to pick a game of the year.

WildArmed1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

That beautiful DLC is coming around the perfect time. Games released earlier in the year tend to get dismissed/forgotten when GoTY voting comes around!

In Nov, we get reminded of the King of 2015.

... Or maybe MGSV.. or Witcher 3.


freshslicepizza1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

from the article,

"So why does Bloodborne come out as the underdog? Why is the game so underrated? Well, it’s probably because it’s a PS4 exclusive. Because the game was released solely on the PS4, the Xbox One crowd is most likely underrating the game solely due to its exclusivity. This is what most likely puts Bloodborne behind other games like Witcher 3 that are not exclusives.

But, if Bloodborne was multi-platform, would that really increase the likelihood of it gaining the title of Game of the Year? Well, it would open the game up to a much larger crowd being on multiple platforms, but I honestly think Bloodborne is strong enough on its own without being multi-platform. If Bloodborne truly deserves GOTY, it shouldn’t matter what platform the game is on or how many platforms it is on. What does matter is how well it appeals to the public, and the public loved Bloodborne.

Unfortunately, because of its exclusivity, there is a bias against the game by all non-PS4 gamers. To counteract this, however, people need to keep in mind that the creators of Bloodborne are the same creators of the Dark Souls games, which were also greatly loved by the public. In this situation, we have a bias both ways – those who are biased against the game for not being an exclusive, and those who are biased towards the game because of the previous games its creators produced. Because of this, Bloodborne might get the same credit that the Souls games got."

this actually got approved? is that why the last of us won so many awards? this article is ridiculous. a good game is a good game. nintendo has some of the best, and they are only on one platform.

himdeel1175d ago

Bloodborne is my GOTY.

StrawberryDiesel4201176d ago

It will more so due to it's difficulty. A large majority of the gaming community will never complete this game, their votes will likely go to games like MGS5, Witcher 3, Halo 5, Fallout 4 because they are so easy to finish. Bloodborne takes time, patience and dedication that a lot of gamers just don't have. I'm level 180 or so and I can honestly say at first the game didn't click like Demon's Souls and Dark Souls did with me. Bloodborne eventually grew on me and I can easily see some people dismissing it because of how brutal it can be.

Blaze9291175d ago

Author blames a niche game being exclusive and fanboys as the reason people are overlooking the title. Yeah ok.

"Because the game was released solely on the PS4, the Xbox One crowd is most likely underrating the game solely due to its exclusivity. "

what does THAT, have to do with ANYTHING?

DarkOcelet1176d ago

It will definitely win tons of exclusive GOTY. And some GOTY overall. Such an awesome game.

-Foxtrot1176d ago

I liked it. Kept me going for a while. Hopefully I can get back into it once the expansion comes out.

After playing it a lot, and considering I'm not a fan of online in general, I kind of do with this had some sort of horde mode. Defend a single location and constantly battle wave after wave of enemies.

WildArmed1176d ago

I've spent over 200 hours in Chalice dungeons alone. It's so damn fun.

Though majority of my 600+ hours in BB are just doing co-op.

stuna11176d ago

I had been playing BloodBoune wrong all this time and didn't even realize it, just 2 weeks ago decided to try Co-op; all I can say is it's amazing.

Add me if you like stuna1

I haven't tried Co-op in the Chalice dungeons yet

For me BloodBoune is definitely a contender for Game of the Year..

JetP06191176d ago

you cant really do horde mode in bloodborne. sometimes a single enemy can fuck you up. So wave after wave of enemies does not work in this time of game. not unless it was made to play like dynasty warriors or dmc then yes itll work.

stuna11175d ago

You ain't never lied about that one enemy! I'm oon my second playthrough and even the weaker enemies from the first playthrough are putting a hurting on me lol. What I hate most is those rabid dogs!

Still enjoying the game though, just wish more people were in Co-op sometimes it's hard to find consistent Co-op players.

JetP06191175d ago

@ stuna1 you got that right. I was on my 4th playthrough when i got the platinum for it and man it was a nightmare. dont ask why 4th playthrough, its because i used and sold items for rituals that i didnt know was going to be important for the final chalice dungeon lol.

DigitalRaptor1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

I don't think it's anything to do with platform exclusivity like the author believes. It's more likely to be because the holiday games drown the American media that sheen of the "brand new", and they can't help but focus on what's right in front of them.

People gotta remember 'The Old Hunters' DLC expansion comes out in November though. That should remind everyone how phenomenal the game is. Games releasing in the first half of the year deserve as much mindshare.

DivineAssault 1176d ago

Its not mainstream like the others.. I love BB as well as the other souls games but a lot of people dont understand how amazing they are

Automatic791176d ago

@DivineAsault you right it is not mainstream but also the Dungeon Crawling difficult games are not for everyone plus in general gamers have different taste. I tried DarkSouls and didn't like it. Hence reason I passed up BloodBourne. Overall, based off reviews this game should be mentioned in top 5 this year.

ninsigma1175d ago

I didn't like dark souls either but tried bloodborne anyway. It's a totally different kettle of fish. Loved it's style and game play and story but I have no interest in getting dark souls 3. If you can try it without having to spend money I'd recommend it :)

DivineAssault 1174d ago

It takes time to understand it.. After you fight the 2nd or 3rd boss, youll understand how amazing, scary, and brilliant the design is.. That goes for every souls game as well

Perjoss1176d ago

The Souls series is a strange one, I've read many times that people only got into these games properly after 2 or 3 attempts. For me it was my 3rd try as when I tried Demon's Souls and Dark Souls I didn't have the patience to get far enough to start really appreciating the atmosphere and great combat they offer.

StrawberryDiesel4201176d ago

And that's because most don't have the patience or time it takes to understand the depth and beauty of these games. They are very hard and the average gamer can't handle it. I can admit that I have become frustrated at times with the difficulty, and I adore Bloodborne.

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