Shuhei Yoshida Explains Lack of Until Dawn Marketing Push

While Until Dawn might be one of Sony’s new IPs this generation, it didn’t seem to get the marketing push as some of the publisher’s other first-party games.

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AizenSosuke1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

I understand Yoshida and thanks for explaining intellectual property and being honest about popularity of an IP.

#Sonyisstillbusiness but it's a good consumer business!


I forget to thanks gamers for advertising Until Dawn, and giving a fanbase.

ABizzel11180d ago

$39.99 promotion for the month of October, for Halloween, and commercials airing during The Walking Dead, and the networks with Halloween movie marathons.

suckingeggs1180d ago

Lucky the game was great

Word of mouth saved Sony lots of marketing cash

Still... Sony market your exclusives sheesh

AizenSosuke1180d ago


I agree with you on that I got an idea Sony should do with some games test group for which one they would market.

_-EDMIX-_1180d ago

I'm actually fine with them not marketing this title. They are still a business. Let gamers tell other gamers about this game as I feel they market this title better then a commercial really can.

You and I know what Until Dawn is....try conveying that in 30 secs. They are right to be honest about what they expect in return of this title, some titles are hard to market for and I feel it could end up hurting the title as many might walk into this game with different expectations due to how it was marketed to them.

nirwanda1179d ago

Don't market it pass the saving onto the price of the game so it's a lower price than the other new titles and put a demo on PSN 5 days before with a marketing style trailer for the rest of the game built into the end of the demo.
Simple and much more cost effective, why put expensive ads on tv when you have the best majority of your customers connected to your network.

BlackTar1871179d ago

Game was awesome it really was a great game but i feel like a price drop would benefit it. Game was amazing and i don't regret my $60 purchase but people lik emy brother who have 3 kids instead of one like me would be more inclined to jump in for $40.

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Angeljuice1179d ago

It was marketed quite strongly in the UK, they had a featured sponsorship on the Horror channel and lots of adverts.

DarkOcelet1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

With the heavy free Youtube Marketing Until Dawn got, i expect it to sell well. Maybe 2 to 3 millions and for its type of game, that is incredible.

Neonridr1180d ago

unfortunately, these style of games don't necessarily benefit from let's plays. Since the main parts become spoiled. While the game has numerous choices along the way, some of the characters can only die at specific times.

DarkOcelet1180d ago

Actually they do my friend because people get tempted to play it themselves and experience the jumpscares and different outcomes/choices/dialogue.

And that happened to me in many indie or small titles because i didn't know they existed so i got them afterwards like Layers Of Fear, if it wasn't for Youtube gamers, i wouldn't have got it.

Thatguy-3101180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

They do. It pushes people to play the game themselves the way THEY want to
OT that's what everyone has been saying. These type of games market themselves base off how well they do with gamers and critics alike.

BitbyDeath1180d ago

I believe they benefit more actually given the content they display and how fun they look to play, not many people have time to sit and watch a full play through, only the hardcore would sit for 8-12 hours.

_-EDMIX-_1180d ago

Your joking right?

Horror games get sooooooo much love on Youtube its not even funny.

They are BEATING OUT MGSV easily lol.

That was launch day too!

This was a couple days after launch.

Horror games get mad respect on Youtube lol, people like being scared! Its an extremely entertaining game too! I personally wouldn't watch it, but I can see how others would.

aLucidMind1180d ago

Part of the fun for me is to watch a Let's Play of it, then buy it if I like it. That's when I get my friends together and we play it together... and I get to laugh at them jumping lol.

Neonridr1179d ago

@EDMIX - sure they get lots of love, I follow a couple of people who got famous off of Horror games.

What I mean is that these lets plays aren't great for SALES.

If someone can watch someone else play through a game like Outlast, they are going to be less inclined to buy the game since they have seen everything there is.

A game like GTA V for example, would be completely different and after seeing all the zany crap that can happen there, it might incline more people to buy the game.

I am not saying that horror games don't benefit from youtube in terms of exposure, they do greatly. But you guys misinterpreted what I was saying, I was strictly speaking in terms of sales.

If I read you a book, would you be inclined to go out and buy the book? Probably not.

_-EDMIX-_1179d ago

@Neo- "What I mean is that these lets plays aren't great for SALES"

LOL! Sure bud. Playing a game and seeing it are not the same thing. If they where down to watch the whole thing, then clearly they had no plans to own the game.

I mean...say that to the people who add me on PSN from Youtube who literally tell me they got the game based on that video lol.

What your trying to say is conveyed in a game vs is a book is not only pretty stupid, its a horrible example.

You don't just put in a game and sit down and watch bud, pretty sure you PLAY IT. Regardless of how many times you could watch it, playing it is something else entirely. The person that got Until Dawn because of me post those videos up got it based on wanting t0 make the choices on their own vs the ones I picked.

Neonridr1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

@EDMIX - I understand what you are saying. I even agree with most of it.

But traditionally horror games are one and done. Watching a let's play can take away from the experience because then you don't necessarily have to play it for yourself since you know the story.

This game is at least a little original in that you can replay and change your choices to see some different results and outcomes by the end of the game. Most of the smaller choices don't affect the overall arc that much, but that's ok, it's always nice seeing characters react to you differently as a result.

You don't think that millions of people watch Pewdiepie or Markiplier and their let's plays of horror games? You think that once someone watches the entire video they are going to run out and buy the game when they know how it all ends?

Regardless of whether people were inclined to buy a game or not from the beginning they will definitely be less inclined than they already were of purchasing the game if they know how it all plays out.

If I watched a GTA V video of some crazy stuff happening, I would probably be inclined to buy it. However if I saw a video showing me the ending of The Evil Within, I would probably be less inclined to purchase it. That was my only real point I was trying to get across.

Masterofwiiu3ds1179d ago

I agree with Neo. Heck - I've even done it a few times. Youtube is how I experiences Gone Home.

I purposely avoided youtube for Until Dawn because, honestly, what is the point of playing it after watching someone else do it?

The rest of you are fools! Fools!!!

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Automatic791180d ago

In all honesty if they can Market third party games in a strong fashion they should have marketed Until Dawn as well. There really is no excuse. Kudos to Supermassive games for there New IP.

TwoForce1180d ago

They have done this since Heavy Rain to be honest.

_-EDMIX-_1180d ago

"There really is no excuse" How about money? We don't really know how much more Until Dawn would have done with marketing, it may have not even pushed the game enough to cover said marketing.

Consider those who are playing it on Youtube and word of mouth, some games are hard convey, it still takes me a bit to tell folks about what Until Dawn is, I feel they likely made the right call.

@TwoForce- You sure about that?

UltraNova1179d ago

A 3rd party marketing push is usually the result of exclusive content or bundle agreements with the publisher. e.g. Destiny.

They do not support 3rd parties more than their in house IPs. Its all about business.

garrettbobbyferguson1180d ago

"Actually they do my friend because people get tempted to play it themselves"

So, shall I dispel your sound argument? I watched Until Dawn on youtube. I no longer feel compelled to play the game myself.

madforaday1179d ago

Since you weren't compelled I guess that argument is closed now since the mighty garrettbobbyferguson wasn't compelled to play a game after he watched it. Does the sun evolve around you as well?

garrettbobbyferguson1179d ago


Well, the mighty madforaday; the claim was that people purchase it because they feel compelled to experience it for themselves. I'm dispelling that argument by offering my own stance that is counter to that. Therefore dispelling the argument, the mighty madforaday.

Spotie1179d ago

Didn't you know, mad? Ol' bobby here is the Alan Greenspan of gaming. He's the barometer of what the entire gaming community wants; he knows, better than we do, what we're interested in.

If he wasn't compelled to play the game(not that he's shown any interest besides defending Polygon's review), then nobody else will.


DigitalRaptor1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

A new IP that was born to sell itself? Okay.

Well talking from experience, I saw ads all over the place online, and even on TV past the watershed. Okay they could've spent a budget on billboards and frankly it would not have made that much of an impact - or they could have sent promos out to guys like PewDiePie and let the word of mouth spread incredibly well from gamers. Until Dawn is actually a commercial hit and is doing respectably well for the kind of game it is.

Septic1180d ago

I didn't see a single one. Haven't seen one yet. In the UK here.

_-EDMIX-_1180d ago

Thats nice...Sooo "you" haven't seen as single one...sure bud.

FlexLuger1179d ago


Im in thwe UK and have yet to see an ad for this game. No need to jump the gun.septic aint lying.

Septic1179d ago

Yeah well EDMIX sounds like the type to watch Hollyoaks so the ads were probably running then :P

Neonridr1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

@EDMIX - I never saw a TV commercial or online ad for Until Dawn either. Only reason I knew about the game was because I am a horror junkie and I have been following the development of this game for a while now.

I live in Canada.

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iamnsuperman1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

I am not sure how anyone can really market this game without making it sound cheesy and crap or misrepresenting the game. What is selling this game is the amount of youtubers playing it and recommending it. That is the marketing that will work for this game. Adverts are not

FoxyGotGame1180d ago

Until Dawn was marketed well in the UK. I saw plenty of commercials/ads on almost every major broadcast network. I haven't gotten the game yet...

Waiting for Uncharted Collection ..and then Until Dawn for Halloween fright night )

FlexLuger1179d ago

"Until Dawn was marketed well in the UK."

The other day, you was talking shit in my inbox in fake patois. Now you say you live in the UK? How does that work 'Bredrin' ?.....

FoxyGotGame1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

Irrelevant where I live, and does not dictate what languages I may speak. I can speak another dialect no matter where I live in the UK. Not sure what Until Dawn has to do with my location/language. It just a game to me.

If you live on yesterday, how you gonna enjoy today? Get over whatever occurred before bro, I'm not a hateful grudge holding person. You call for me to be marked for trolling ...and you got what you wanted.

Be happy with that achievement & move on. I try to be righteous, and spiritual with all people who I see as Brothers/Sisters Iyah. No matter me what color or where dem rest in this World. No hard feelings on my part breddah. Out of many we are one. One Love, Peace and Prosperity /

FlexLuger1179d ago

Cool beans, brotha! no more mudslinging. Cant be mad at a fellow J'can for too long! Bless up! ;)

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