Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance Review - [email protected]

Josh Barnes at [email protected] takes a look at the most recent installment in the popular tactical RPG series Disgaea. Disgaea 5 proves the series still has plenty of ridiculous fun to offer.

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3-4-51177d ago

Disgaea 1,2,&4 were all really fun, D5 looks even better. ( never played D3)

S2Killinit1178d ago

Its a fun game, that is very unique. Its for anime and strategy fans. I recently tried the demo for it, im glad i did.

Imortus_san1177d ago

I'm goint to play the demo tonight, love the 1, 2 was ok, the 3 was to bad as as product so I didnt play it, the 4 is in my backlog, and Disgaea D2 is what I really want to play, Laharl story was the best out of the ones I played.

Revengeance1177d ago

Hmm. It says 8/10 in the headline but it says 9/10 in the article. Someone should fix that.

contradictory1177d ago

sweet, can't wait for this to come to EU