The Sorry State of Arkham Knight’s DLC

Evan Narcisse:

"Today, new DLC is coming to Batman: Arkham Knight. Usually, this is when players pop a disc back in and rekindle a relationship with the game. But, the responses to Arkham Knight’s DLC have been harsh and it’s going to take a lot of work to make the owners of the newest Bat-game feel like they’re not being bilked."

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-Foxtrot1179d ago

Warner Brothers really dropped the ball with this franchise. Good games but they really let the DLC thing go to their heads.

From the Pre Order stuff, to the season pass and even the issues with the collectors editions.

raggy-rocket1179d ago

Never ever buying a season pass from a studio I don't 100% trust to deliver great content ever again. Studios I do trust include:

343i (My love for Halo would love any dlc admittedly. The halo bias is strong in this one)
Gearbox (for Borderlands)
Dice (for battlefield, premium is amazing value)
Telltale (obviously)

Anyone else I need full proof that all content will be sufficient and even then I might not. Fool me once...

raggy-rocket1178d ago

I was talking about dlc. Bethesda dlc has always been amazing

Piffgaming1179d ago

Lol at 343. Halo mcc wasn't even playable until 5 months after it released. Garbage studio

quantumofmalice1179d ago

Gearbox!? I'll never buy anything they do again for the colonial marines fiasco/embezzlement/spit in the face. That f**Ker Pitchford should be in jail!

Ginpachi-sama1179d ago

Lol 343 made one halo game pretty trustworthy if u ask me

Rachel_Alucard1179d ago

Every company you just listed are the most untrustworthy in the field.

Bethesda are the ones who started the horse armor trainride and they announced a season pass with no idea whats in it because they know you'll all buy it.

343 is a puppet under MS and they reuse assests constantly throughout all that "new" content in Halo 4.

Gearbox outsourced all their DLCs and trusting Gearbox is trusting Randy Pitchford who is a crook.

Dice stated back in 2010 they would bever charge for battlefield maps and look what happened.

Telltale shouldnt even be on that list because episodic content is not dlc if its part of the full game.

raggy-rocket1178d ago

I meant for the specific games I listed. I would wouldn't trust gearbox with anything other than borderlands, dice with anything other than battlefield etc.

The only halo dlc released so far has been great. The halo 4 map packs were great and they added ODST for like $5 on MCC. For the disagreers, I was talking specifically about the game highlIghted and ONLY about dlc

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TheDetective1179d ago

Dude you are telling me, the new tumbler track dose not even have a background it's huge blue screen lol lazy freaking crap

Eliseo6761179d ago

It has a background, but it's supposed to be a mix between a movie set and blue screen.

But sure, it was lazy to do, making the track inside a movie studio and all, whatever.

Gwiz1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

PC version of this game still runs like shit,all suggested .ini adjustments NVCP adjustments,settings everything to low and still can't maintain 60 FPS with an 3570k @4GHz and a GTX 970.

WB already showed their BS with Arkham Origins and luckily Nvidia made the MGS TPP voucher possible and available to those who felt ripped-off.Thanks to my regular retailer as well.

AlphaKennyOne1179d ago

This Batman is really hit or miss on PC. I can run it with an i5 4460 and a GTX 970. The game did stutter a few times but it was very rare. Other than that the only other issue I had with the game was tabbing back into the game was nearly impossible.

Gwiz1179d ago

I have constant frame drops,ironically with Arkham Origins i only had stuttering now and then and no FrameDrops.This series used the wrong engine (UE3) and implemented it's probably the streaming of game assets that almost all developers had issues with.

wheatley1179d ago

The Season of Infamy DLC needs to pay off big time or there will be even more backlash than there is now. A criticism is also to have WB Montreal handed some of the DLC. If GCPD Lockdown mission is bigger than Red Hood and Harley Quinn it will feel like being short changed on previous "Story DLC". Batgirl's was a wasted opportunity.

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