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sonarus3702d ago

Yea its true downloading it now:D

athlon7703702d ago

I knew I should have called into work this morning. Oh well, guess I can wait to 8:30 tonight when I get home to download it and start playing again. All sorts of cool things happening this summer for our favorite black monolith with the Sony name brand.

meepmoopmeep3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )


sorry, my other games...
Uncharted will be getting my love starting today.

thanks Naughty Dog!

Lifendz3702d ago

let the race to the platinum trophy begin!!

morganfell3702d ago

This will actually be the 10th time I have been through this game.

You can never play that jeep chase too many times.

Homicide3702d ago

Awesome. Thank you Naughty Dog. I'll finish Folklore first, then I'll go for the trophies.

yesah3702d ago

ahh, so glad i didnt sell the game now after i beat it.

marinelife93702d ago

Now I understand the insatiable pull that the achievement whores feel.

cmrbe3702d ago

I loved that Jeep section as well. When i watched Indiana Jones 4 it reminded me alot about it that i played Uncharted straight after i got home. Come to think of it. The only great segment in Indi 4 was that car chase through the jungle.

aftrdark213702d ago

3 trophies in 30 mins. Sweet!

INehalemEXI3702d ago

I love the headshot trophy's.

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Mr PS33702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

Good to hear
Better late than Never !!!

Just gotta Say Thank you N Dogg

Overr8ed3702d ago

great. now i need to buy this game really soon. I hate not having money

Megaton3702d ago

Same. Can't buy anything for another couple weeks. Stupid bills.

arika3702d ago

alrigthy then! it's time to pack my bag and put some gears on.... i'm ready for some tomb raiding Drake's style... got to get me some shiny trophies!!!!

cr33ping_death3702d ago

what he said about what the other guy said

Whoooop3702d ago

What these three idiots said....

fafoon3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

About the other 3 Idiots

And whatever the Idiots Below Say

Hagaf223702d ago

about what these idiots said^^^^

its all true...

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The story is too old to be commented.