Destiny: The Taken King - How to Earn Legendary Marks

Build up your Legendary Marks so you can buy Legendary Gear, Engrams, and other items from the various vendors around the Tower.

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Jmanzare1182d ago

I was farming legendary marks for new armor for a while. I got a new ghost shell since that had the biggest difference in defense compared to the one I had equipped but by the time I had enough for another piece of armor I was already getting armor drops with higher defense than 280. I recommend getting the ghost shell first-time or whatever has the highest difference. After that just keep doing strikes

ninsigma1182d ago

Quick tip for when decoding engrams. The game takes into account your current light level when decrypting so best thing to do is decrypt one engram at a time, check if it's better than what you already have, if it equip it then the next engram you decrypt will take your new light level into account and you'll have a better chance of upping your light again.