Media Molecule Talks VR, Dreams' Paris Games Week Reveal, Little Big Planet and More

One of the most creative, if not the most creative studios in the games industry has got to be Media Molecule. Little Big Planet, Tearaway and the upcoming Dreams are all the sort of things you'd pull out of the imagination of a sugar-loaded toddler - not a bunch of grown people.

The studio hosted an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit today and revealed a few interesting bits, most notably that its new game Dreams will be getting a full reveal at this year's Paris Games Week. The studio is also working with PlayStation VR (new name, Morpheus is out) and had a lot to say on the tech.

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TomatoDragon1176d ago

I'm ready to see some stuff sculpted in Dreams using PSVr.

jb2271176d ago

No doubt, I've been storing all of my recent dream fodder so I can take a crack at it. I've been having really vivid insane dreams lately I wish this thing would hurry up and release before I go back to the boring kind that I never remember. Dreams & VR could be the most important user generated content platform ever created in all honesty, even beyond gaming I could see it being a useful therapy tool among other things.

SaveFerris1176d ago

'Don't let your 'Dreams' be dreams.'

AizenSosuke1176d ago

PSVR is going a great device because of the support and did anyone see the 5K, 210-degree VR device annoucement.

So yeah VR is going to change the tides of this generation.

DigitalRaptor1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

I will read through the AMA later, but here's a nice tidbit about Mm and PSVR:

Anton Mikhailov - the dude who worked on PSMove, the camera and Project Morpheus as a key member of SCE's R&D department - was hired by Media Molecule not long ago. So I'm hopeful that 'Dreams' will be spearheading Sony's 2016 PSVR lineup. If they can manage it, that would be a great thing, and it seems perfect for the kind of game that it looks to be too.