Metal Gear Solid 5 Story DLC Not Happening Anytime Soon, Revisiting Camp Omega Clarified

Konami's community manager clears away confusion regarding story DLC and revisiting Camp Omega.

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DarkOcelet1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

That person is either lying or have been misinformed. Camp Omega was supposed to be used for Single Player missions..

“People who own GZ will be able to play a different mission(s) at Camp Omega in TPP. That’s the current plan. There’s something of a big feature involved. It’s never been done in the games industry before. So I can’t go into detail about it, but I think when you experience it for yourselves you’ll be surprised. It’s something that’s only possible through video games.”

You know what i think happened...

Chapter 3 was done but needed more polish time and Konami rushed the game and will make CH3 a 30$ expansion for the game.

gameseveryday1177d ago

I dont think anything is happening. The Phantom Pain's story content is done with. Nothing is coming.

It's amazing that regardless of the cut content, TPP is one of 2015's best game and perhaps the best stealth game ever. However I cant help but imagine if Kojima would have planned better project management for the game and Konami had a bit more patience, what the game could be.

DarkOcelet1177d ago

I love the game. But i really think Konami messed the game up somehow. You say Phantom Pain story content is done with but we dont know, because they can simply release more if they want as dlc.

crxss1177d ago

*slight spoilers*

Konami needs to bring Kojima back to finish chapter 3. as well as some DLC to bring back Quiet.

opoikl1177d ago


I'm afraid you're right. After the twist in chapter 46 it seems impossible to me to add an entire new chapter. They would almost have to do away with the implications of chapter 46 (like making it out to be a dream sequence or something) to be able to continue finishing up the rest of the story.

<SPOILER> I could care less about the medic from Ground Zeroes even though I've played him for 80+ hours. Big Boss is and should always remain the central character in this game. <END SPOILER>

Normally I could see Kojima pulling something like this off, but not under the current circumstances with Konami.

Mainman1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

The story isn't done with in my opinion. There is the whole chapter 51 thing. But other than that, there is the question:


What has the real Big Boss been doing? Maybe even Play as him in Chapter 3 maybe?

I really hope they will bring DLC to be honest, I just can't get enough of this game.

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RumbleFish1176d ago

They simply don't want to spend more money on development. The game was too expensive allready.

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HaydenJameSmith1177d ago

I agree, depending on final sales... they'll wait till there in the green then use that userbase to make more money with DLC. I cant blame Konami entirely this was Kojima's project and he probably went over time and budget and as result we get an unfinished product (still a fantastic game but were always gonna be left thinking of what could have been ?) and this probably what led to the falling out, granted Konami handled it terribly but there is fault on both sides...

WitWolfy1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

You cant actually call it "story dlc" that would mean we bought an incomplete game. An expansion or an entire new MGS game sure... But "story dlc", are you really so desperate to see how BB became a "bad guy"?

Just freaking head cannon it dammit! Thats what I did with Mass Effect 3

MysticStrummer1177d ago

"You cant actually call it "story dlc" that would mean we bought an incomplete game."

It doesn't mean that at all really. The Last of Us had story DLC and yet was a complete game. Other complete games have had story DLC as well.

Having said that I don't doubt that MGS5 was unfinished. The place where that was most obvious was the jeep ride with Snake and Skull Face, but that whole sequence and the fight that followed seemed like they should have been at the end of the game instead of where they were. Odd to put them there unless something bigger was planned to be at the end.

showtimefolks1176d ago

wishful thinking i seriously doubt we will ever get single player dlc

community manager confirms no dlc but how many more articles will it take. MGS5 is done maybe MGS series is done. so while we all want more chances of happening is very very slim

UNKLE1177d ago


PaleMoonDeath1176d ago

I second that, the disagree crowd seriously has no idea how annoying this ending is to long term MGS fans. ESPECIALLY with the knowledge episode 51 and Chapter 3 "Peace" is out there somewhere.

WitWolfy1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

I like how everybody acts like Kojima was the golden goose in this story. It took him 5 years to make an incomplete game. Thats longer than what Team ICO takes per game (not counting Last Guardian).

You guys can defend Kojima all you want. He dropped the ball when it came to development and only has his own "perfectionist" ways to blame.

I can sit here and bad mouth Konami all day if I want, but a $80 000 000 investment has to start paying for itself and waiting 5 years for that to happen would make ANYBODY go crazy! Konami was just tired of waiting for that to happen and took matters into their own hands.

-Foxtrot1177d ago


But you know what people are like with Kojima.

Still...they are both to blame why the game feels less like a MGS game and also incomplete/repetitive.

WitWolfy1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

This game shouldve gone the MGS 3 route. The illusion of open world but not really. That wouldve worked just fine...

But no... Its as if Kojima went "F the hardcore fans and their in depth narrative and exposition. I better cater to the GTA, GOW and COD demographic but make it blander.... some how..."

-Foxtrot1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

Sometimes I feel like the western marketed has influenced him in ways. Instead of doing his own thing which has worked because that's how the series started, he was influenced so much with open world games and wanted to do one.

However instead of doing a new IP he tried to change a franchise into something completely different resulting in what we have now. Something I've literally just talked about in a blog I wrote on here

Like I said in my blog, good game or bad, it's not really an evolution of the series in my opinion, it's a mutation

He's said before how western games have caught his attention and he's obsessed with Hollywood. It's also the reason why I think he got Sutherland for Snake, even though with what he actually did in the game there was no need for Sutherland, he didn't do anything better then what Hayter could have done. Sutherland was a waste of money and added to the funding of the entire game

just_looken1177d ago

Umm you do relize in those 5 years we got a hd port on ps3 of older mgs games done by his team and we got that stupid mgs rising game he had some work done on it.

sense 2010 kojima and his staf had peace walker/rising crap and the hd ports plus phantom pain.

If you say a guy and his team were lazy doing 5 games in 6 years ok then but i think he did a dam good job konami should have gave him another year.

The cut tech demo was also a 2010 demo

Alot of work in 6 years.

wannabe gamer1177d ago

you cant say any of this without knowing the true inside story. for all we know Kojima did make more content but Konami cut it or they just wouldnt let him finish it into the final game. this could be the reason they had a falling out even. anything said either way is just speculation at best.

-Ikon-1177d ago

they took most of that time on fox engine.. also 5 system launch with a realitvly small team. i doubt mgs v had more then 3 full years

Number-Nine1176d ago

mgs5 story is by far the weakest in the series

showtimefolks1176d ago

yeh not really, his team delivered 5 games in 6 years. also welcome to AAA gaming where it takes 3 to 5 years. look at Bethesda they been working on fallout 4 since fallout 3

and that 80 million has been made back and than some so what's the problem? that's like saying R* should be punished for taking long with GTA5 even though it has sold 35 plus million copies

stop trying to act like you have an honest opinion when all you are doing is bashing kojima

do some research and see how busy kojima productions have been over the last 6 years. also if he had done a mgs3 type world than you would be the one saying this is 2015 and we need a true open world game

make up your mind because either way kojima will be bashed

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TheUberAsian1177d ago

So close to finishing the game, and after most of chapter 2, i want them to make up for it, since's it's most the same missions.

Need more story content!

isa_scout1177d ago

I love The Phantom Pain, but I agree that it's barely a MGS game. Perhaps Kojima was wanting to do a new open world IP, but Konami forced Kojima to make a new MGS game. So he turned MGS into the game he wanted to make. I can't think of any other dev that spent 28 years making one series and didn't get bored. Hell, I love MGS, but if I spent 5 years making one I'd hate it. It would be a real shame if we don't get Chapter 3 as the story **SPOILERS*** with Sahalanthropus and Elliah is completely unresolved. As great as the game is no game should get a pass for this. Even the launch trailer had cutscene clips that are clearly from the missing Chapter 3. I hope Konami wasn't dumb enough to think no one would notice.

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