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I have said it once, and I will say it again: there is probably nothing in this world you can’t slap Persona 4 onto and not make it work. So far, we have seen a role-playing game, a fighting game, and now we have a rhythm game. Persona 4: Dancing All Night takes the popular characters, setting, and of course the tunes and attempts to make you move your thumbs in a way you never knew you could. And guess what? It works in a manner that might make you will make people stare and say, “what the heck is that guy playing!?”

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acharlez1179d ago

Groovy! Any excuse to play more Persona!!

knifefight1179d ago

One of my favorite rhythm games of all time. I actually like the gameplay itself more than that of Hatsune Miku or FF Theatarhythm.