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Patrick Waring at GameCloud Australia writes:

"If this had been a game set in the Mad Max universe but with a different character as the player character, I would have been happy. This game is good on a technical level for the most part. The driving combat is a lot of fun, employing a great cycle of play and reward, which fits in nicely with clearing out the wasteland. The fighting combat leaves something to be desired but it works at least. And there are some collectathon aspects that don’t really work with the rest of the game’s design but when considered on their own are still fairly enjoyable (speaking as a fan of collectathons.) But **** me rigid – in the process they took all the silent mystique, the roguish anti-heroism, the intricacies of Max’s character, and watered it all down with hack writing and plot devices. More than that, your activities in fighting Scrotus are actually doing more harm to the wastelanders than good. I simply don’t have enough space to talk about e...

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