FIFA 16 Review: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Too | PC Gaming Enthusiast

Another year, another FIFA. As the sports season continues to roll out, we are once again granted another edition of the world’s most popular sport. Like most sports games, it’s the minor tweaks and features that make the game differ from its predecessors, but in this year’s edition, we were given something monumental – women’s national teams.

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LaWiiG1175d ago

I'm debating on the PC versus the Xbox version. I have been liking Origin lately. I dunno about the scoring, I pick up FIFA every year. I might just go for graphics in this case. I use an Xbox controller anyways

Tankbusta401175d ago

I can't wait till the NBA games shoehorn the WNBA into the title

LaWiiG1175d ago

They should. Then they could actually push release dates to every other year and make a game that delivers some sustenance to the genre. I hate this incremental output. They could focus on creating a genuine franchise instead of money grabbing year after year.