Who Wouldn't Love Singing to Snails?

Jo from GamersFTW writes: "On my recent journey through the endless wilderness that is the internet, I came across several articles, reviews, and general murmurings about a free game available on Steam. “Not so unusual,” I hear you all cry. No, it isn’t really; Steam is known for its diverse range of games and their lovely price points. However, what grabbed me about this title was frankly the utter strangeness of it."

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c00lvilKid691176d ago

Well, if I get to choose my pot style… why not?

Skellytorx1176d ago

We've got Octodad, but now singing snails? Sounds like great fun!

Yukes1176d ago

I do love snails. It reminds me a lot of the Zen Garden in PvZ, with plants that mysteriously excreted money every so often. You had a cool little snail in that too :) Spent far too many hours in that virtual garden...

GamerGabs1176d ago

Steam never fails to amuse me with many of its weird and wonderful titles. Very tempted to play this, although I'm worried that I'd just spend the rest of my life watching a snail slowly going around in circles. xD

Yukes1176d ago

All of the games available to us fans and we get hooked with repetitive nonsense like watching snails, or playing Call of Duty.

GamerGabs1176d ago

I know! I spend way too much time playing clicker games, for example.

tonmori1176d ago

Sounds very interesting. Might play it when I get the chance :)

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