Dark Souls 3 feels like coming home | VG 24/7

Dark Souls 3 is like returning home, only somebody has knocked out a dividing wall and transformed your living room into a veritable paradise.

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Forn1119d ago

I am so stoked for this. All the evolutions of gameplay seem just about perfect. Love the art direction/style (of course), and the world looks as complex and deep as ever.

TomatoDragon1119d ago

The one thing that would make this fantastic, is if they brought back the opportunity to play as the boss in someone else's game like what Demons Souls did with the Old Monk.

TheLoCoRaven1119d ago

Remind me not to go to this authors' home. I signed up for the stress test. I wanna see how much of a Bloodborne influence they're adding.

Eunuchorn1112d ago

Let's hope little to none. BB didn't do anything innovative that DS3 wasn't going to have already. If anything they rushed it & used fewer mechanics than previous souls games.

TheLoCoRaven1112d ago

You say fewer mechanics. I say more stream-lined mechanics. I like it that way more. I don't want to spend hours starring at stats of various items. I also like the more fast pace nature of Bloodborne, and how its difficult but you're not dying every 5 seconds, more like every 3 min. heh