Batman: Arkham Knight DLC Content – Available Today

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment announced that the newest series of add-ons for Batman™: Arkham Knight – 2008 Tumbler Batmobile Pack and Original Arkham Batman Skin, are available beginning today

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Plagasx1180d ago

and still nothing on PC....

ironcrow23861180d ago

So basically just bringing out a load of crap during the season passes run time, then no doubt coming out with decent stuff thus squeezing more money out of people??

jb2271180d ago

No doubt...there has only been one story pack so far hasn't there? Apparently the Batgirl dlc wasn't even all that large or great, what happened to the "multiple new story packs" & the "new villains invading Gotham"? All I've seen are a bunch of skins & a couple challenge packs, no new villains, no substantial story content, and the 6 months of dlc has to be hitting its end soon. I bet there's one more story dlc added as the last thing for the holidays, and chances are it'll be as thin as Batgirl's, Red Hood's & Harley's were. Such a shame because WB's tactics ultimately sully Rocksteady's good will.