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From the review: "With a refined gameplay that requires a more tactical approach to achieve success, fine tuning of numerous details, and deeper options for both online and offline play, FIFA 16 has proven yet again to be the quintessential title for fans of the beautiful game."

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big_dom_part_21177d ago

The quintessential title for fans of the beautiful game?

Anyone who is a avid fan of football should be able to tell that this game is a shallow husk of the beautiful game. Every single team plays the same, and it's still too fast where pace is king and end to end games are every game.

You want a proper representation of the sport, buy PES2016 instead. It grounds this dogshit into the dust with it's gameplay.

SourtreeDing1177d ago

both suck.. im buying none..

3-4-51177d ago

You mean both are good, you can't go wrong with either.

SniperControl1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

What is it with you people, we get you dont like FIFA, do you have to troll every FIFA article with your opinions?

I feel the same way about PES, to me PES is god awful.

"Every single team plays the same, and it's still too fast where pace is king and end to end games are every game"

It's quite clear you have not played FIFA 16, since 15, 16 has come on leaps and bounds in game play, opposing players press you more, try to get in behind your defense, it's way more tactical now, you actually have to work to make space and get in behind there defense.

moomoo3191177d ago

True this is the first year with genuine improvements to pace, throughballs etc

big_dom_part_21177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

It's quiet clear you're assuming. Played every Fifa since 07. The game has not changed as far as it actually goes to representing how real football is. They might change stuff like responsiveness, and add gimmicky shit like no touch controls etc, but each year they improve something, break something else, and worst still, neglect the core of what makes football football in that every team plays different, has their own tactics, and thus gives a team an identity or a soul. If every team plays the same like it does in every Fifa ever made, then the game is souless. I don't give a shit how much they improve other areas. PES has it by the bollocks. It always did until it fell off the tree with the atrocious 08 version and thereafter. It's back now, and its back to stay. EA just don't get it. They never will. They can keep their licences.