Capcom: Traditional Resident Evil Is Coming Too, But We Want To Have A Variety Of Experiences

Capcom's Masachika Kawata explains why Umbrella Corps exists and assures fans that more traditional Resident Evil games are on their way.

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GrantPatterson906d ago

This, coming from the company who can't figure out how to make their own games anymore. It's sad. No Megaman, no fighting game that isn't Street Fighter, no real Resident Evil...Capcom just doesn't get it, I fear.

vlashyr906d ago

At least they are in a much better position than Konami right now.

Imp0ssibl3906d ago

That's true, can't wait to play Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen on PC.

Majin-vegeta906d ago

It's like Konami and Capcom switched places this gen.

Hoffmann906d ago

And even Street Fighter is not made by Capcom itself anymore since Street Fighter IV.

Their last completely selfmade Street Fighter game was SFIII Third Strike back in 1999 even.

Baka-akaB906d ago (Edited 906d ago )

Well it's true that the grunt work was outsourced to Dimps .... but it doesnt really differ that much in nature to just hiring as many foot soldier to do it in house , when all ideas , concepts and decisions are your own .

And it was a risky first attempt at 2.5D , well one of the first real ones , for the genre .

Anyway at least SFV is definitively done in House by Capcom .

Hoffmann906d ago

"Anyway at least SFV is definitively done in House by Capcom ."

Nope its not.

906d ago
Baka-akaB906d ago (Edited 906d ago )

"Nope its not. "

Checked it , as i seemed certain , but the game is being co developed with Dimps , my bad .

" i massively prefer 4's gameplay over SFV which just feels casualised and mainstream"

I don't have issues with it thus far . There is enough depth within it imo , and being able to pull 1 frame links consistantly , while an ok requirement shouldnt always be a necessity , like in SFIV .

I'll admit that i'll miss the focus , being so used to it ... but i prefer the idea of character specific mechanics . And i wont be missing Ultras . I like having multiple supers , but ultras as a "punish super" never interested me

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906d ago
Frisky906d ago

Until Dawn. Until Dawn. Until Dawn.

DragonDDark906d ago

Until dawn was more scary than Resident evil 5 and 6 combined.

gantarat906d ago

Pretty Much after RE 6 Capcom make RE different genre with different product .(but game good or bad,it's another thing.)

VER1ON906d ago

I really didn't dig the style of Resident Evil: Revelations. Prefer the traditional Resident Evil style and I hope Capcom sticks to it.

Imp0ssibl3906d ago

Actually Revelation is closer to old-school Resident Evil than, say, 6...

ccgr906d ago

Another series I have yet to play...

Alexious906d ago

You have a lot of games to catch up to...

MegaRay906d ago

You dont even have a console. All you care for is "Pizza" :P

NarooN906d ago

Man that's a shit-load of games to play if you decide to make the jump. And that's not even counting the spin-offs...

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The story is too old to be commented.