Metal Gear Solid Online: Everything we know

Metal Gear Solid Online launches in early October and details have been pretty scarce up to now on the game and what it is all about. We have everything we know up to now on the game's classes, and the Bounty Hunter mode.


Title has been changed to "Metal Gear Online" from "Metal Gear Solid Online", sorry about that everyone :)

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shadowknight2031119d ago

What about typical tdm team sneak capture all of that "MGO" goodness not MGSO

1119d ago
Who1119d ago

I'm sure I'm not the only MGO fan disappointed with what they saw at TGS. However, I am still looking forward to playing this iteration of MGO.

It looks like it can be a lot of fun, though there seems to be several balancing issues that need to be resolved, not to mention the animation/lag. I was turned off by the class system, but they each look to balance each other out.

Other than that, I hope we can create our own rooms and tailor it the way we like.

Tankbusta401119d ago

I agree, I think it might be unbalanced at launch. I still don't understand these games these days who want classes with class specific skills that are always broken at launch