10 Video Game Abilities You Wish You Had IRL

MWEB GameZone writes: "Video games offer a wide variety of abilities and functions to the player to make life in the game world just a little bit more comfortable.

Which of these video game abilities do you want IRL and can you think of any others?"

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HanCilliers1120d ago

Character customization wins with a landslide, guess I can blame it on being a woman :P

Sillicur1120d ago

Hehe that would probably be third on my list, behind Respawning ofc :)

KentBlake1119d ago

Give me regenerating health and I'm good.

Hoffmann1119d ago

Psycho Power like M.Bison...of course.

Abnor_Mal1119d ago

I would take regenerative health and respawn at save point (my house).

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