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The complete package is as substantial as ever, and those who’ve acclimatised to FIFA’s play style in recent years will likely consider it good enough. But in the face of much stronger competition, ‘good enough’ might not actually be good enough. With its biggest rival matching its dynamism and beating it for fluidity and responsiveness, EA Sports has work to do if FIFA is to regain its title as king of the digital sport.

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DarkOcelet1181d ago

FIFA 16 is getting mostly 7's across the board and PES 16 is getting 8.5 and 9's across the board. We have a clear winner.

Although FIFA 16 did get sold out in most stores in where i am. Its a shame thats a better game gets outsold 10:1 though.

Lev19031181d ago

Great sales doesnt mean its a great game. Look at COD, the sales are very impressive each year.

Im going to buy Pes since Pes 6. I really enjoyed the demo and the game feels just better.

nX1181d ago

PES15 was a better game than FIFA15 and this year just continues that. I would wish that FIFA can finally focus on being a football simulation instead of 11v11 ping pong but until that happens I'll stay with PES which puts gameplay first. It's just so annoying that EA has a monopoly on the licenses and people only buy FIFA for those.

bouzebbal1181d ago

great sales and high scores doesn't mean great game. This biaised way of seeing the things is staggering.
I hate GTA for instance.
PES made a massive comeback in 2015 already. 2016 is just a slight improvement for those who bought and played 2015. i'm gonna keep playing PES2015 for one more year to really feel the improvement with 2017, hopefully.

yezz1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )


I partly agree but now you're pretty much saying that everything you don't like is automatically bad and doesn't deserve any praise..

If you don't like gta it doesn't mean that it's a bad game. Last of us wasn't my cup of tea but I still realize that the game is a masterpiece and it deserves high scores.

freshslicepizza1181d ago

great sales doesn't always mean it's a better product, and that goes with anything. i am actually liking what i see with the reviews because it will take low review scores and a drop in sales before companies like ea are willing to make major and try harder.

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theatticusera1181d ago

At the time i wrote this comment pes and fifa have exactly the same metacritic score

DarkOcelet1181d ago

FIFA is reviewed by 8 critics and PES is reviewed by 23 critics so thats a big difference and they dont have the same score.

tsmith1451181d ago

Its clearly not getting 7's across the board, at the time of writing this it currently has and 87 on metacritic. This score just so happens to be the exact same score as Pes

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Movieworld1181d ago

Thats nice. FIFA over PES 16 for me all day for me. I hope there is less lag on the new one, better refereeing and less super turbo charged pacy players and a more balanced Real Madrid.

TKCMuzzer1181d ago

Better refs? Probably not, I gave away a penalty on the demo without pressing a single button......

Fro_xoxo1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

Fifa fans don't need reviews..
they are already sold..

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Masta Kaos1181d ago

It's hard for some to accept the truth....PES 15 was the better game and
PES 2016 is the better game. This is something y'all fanboys need to admit. I mean look at how NBA 2K keeps destroying NBA Live...there's no license monopoly there, both games fully licensed but EA's NBA Live keeps getting hammered every year where it matters.

Germany71181d ago

I still don't know if i will go with Fifa or PES...

Fro_xoxo1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

my best buddy already bought FIFA, that is the tradition.

So FIFA 16 it is for moi without a doubt. .

for me it doesn't matter which is best..
It's about where the majority will play including friends.

Done deal.

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