Will 'Horizon: Zero Dawn' End 'Tomb Raider's' Reign?

Forbes: There’s a lot to discuss about Zero Dawn, but (quite possibly) the most important thing is the fact that the lead character is female. In a time when audiences are chastising companies for not including strong female characters, Guerrilla is giving audiences exactly what they ask for. This, on top of the news that Rise of the Tomb Raider will be exclusive to XBOX for a full year, means that PlayStation consumers will be needing a female protagonist. The question will be what impact will Zero Dawn have on Tomb Raider sales?

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Fro_xoxo1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

" Rise of the Tomb Raider will be exclusive to XBOX for a full year, means that PlayStation consumers will be needing a female protagonist. "

Really? lol!

Well, let's see if this new girl can stand up to Lara as a character :)

I don't understand how Horizon could have any sort of impact on proven franchise's sales ^^...

These 'writers' are beginning to insult the readers intelligence with these types of articles lol.

I hope Horizon is received well..

Thatguy-3101177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

Can bet you that horizon will do better than tomb raider which will be on multiple platforms. Let's be honest the only reason TR is relevant it's because of the controversy that the exclusive deal made. If it wasn't for that people wouldn't bother talking about it. Horizon has garnered more interest from gamers and media a like more so than Rise of the tomb raider. Horizon is pretty much leading up to becoming what The last of us was back in 2013

Fro_xoxo1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

Tomb Raider resurfaced with the success of TR 2013 which was very well received by Gamers and critics alike.
Relevant enough to upset people when they realized they couldn't play on their platform of choice for a whole year.

Horizon is a new ip so it's yet to be proven. It should be judged on it's own merits not based on "female characters" or sales comparisons.

Thatguy-3101176d ago

The uproar came from the place where people actually buy the game. The platforms where fans of the series are at. But w/e we'll see when it comes out and how it stacks up to the competition. Simple as that.

suckingeggs1176d ago

Im still confused as to why PlayStation owners need a female protagonist just because timed exclusive tomb raider is on Xbox one first?

Certain media outlets really like to create fanboy wars out of thin air... What is Forbes doing writing gaming articles anyway?

MrSec841176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

The only similarities between the two are that both have a female lead, both use a Bow and both games have adventure style game mechanics, that's where the similarities end.

IMO Horizon is a grander prospect, being that it's a huge open world title, with the epic far off future setting, with multiple different types of animal like machine species to discover and a very mysterious story to discover in depth.

The world will undoubtedly be far larger and more life like than that of Rise of the Tomb Raider, because that game is pretty much what we've come to expect from the treasure hunting, tomb finding genre, built in a semi-open world, if you can even call it that.

Horizon is more of a sandbox, I agree with you dboy in your last point, I mean the very concept for this game has that level of excitement around it and given how Guerrilla Games have expanded, bringing on talent to help them transition into a studio that can meet the challenges of making such a game as this I think we could definitely be on the verge of seeing Worldwide Studios incorporating yet another Studio of Naughty Dog's caliber or maybe even beyond that.

Guerrilla on the whole wants to make a huge experience that is enjoyable no matter what way you try to tackle the massive open world and the various quests or even just the exploration and hunting that the encompasses what this game is.

I think most PS4 owners and those on the fence about getting one for their 8th gen console aren't really bothered about RTR being delayed because they can play Uncharted 4 (with uncharted tending to be the better game than TR) and they also have this to sink their teeth into.

The PS4 version of Rise of the Tomb Raider will probably be better than that of the XB1 anyway, simply because the machine is so much more capable and the developers will have had an extra year to make better use of PS4.

The funny thing is that PS4 owners don't have to make a choice between any of these games on that platform, they can play them all, where as XB1 owners only get RTR and even that isn't even really a timed exclusive to XB1, because it's releasing on 360 too.

Horizon looks like the better game for sure IMO, this is coming from someone that enjoyed the last TR from 2013, if I really wanted to play the RTR I can just buy it on my 360, the visuals of the XB1 version aren't really looking much better than TR2013 does on 360 from the latest footage, so I see no point in getting an XB1 for that.

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OB1Biker1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

'The question will be what impact will Zero Dawn have on Tomb Raider sales?

If the people over at Guerrilla are smart, they’ll release their game first'

LOL I stopped reading there, it was giving me a headache XD
Im sure GG dont give a s , they ll release the game when its ready that is all.
For that matter the games are completely different genre.

LCEvans1176d ago Show
freshslicepizza1176d ago

tomb raider being relevant isn't because of the controversy, it's relevant because the last game sold well and was received positive by the critics.

is this really what we have sunk to, a deep underlying resentment to how the industry does business so we need to try and attack back in such petty ways? it's funny how so many are now resorting to downplaying tomb raider so much.

horizon looks awesome, can't we just leave it at that or do we feel the need to keep going down the road of downplaying other games because we can't get them when we want them?

we shall see if this game makes it out in 2016, i'm betting it won't make it until 2017.

MeliMel1176d ago

Bullshit!!! So you're saying that exclusivity controversy is only reason Tomb Raider is relevant. So the great reboot had nothing to do with it? The only reason its not to YOU or the PS fanboys is because you're not gonna get to play it for a year. Before this exclusivity deal tho every gamer PS and Xbox gamers alike were waiting in anticipation to see what the new TR would be like. Funny how that all changes!!!

The female protagonist in Horizon has long way to go before I can even mention her in the same breath as Lara and TR franchise. A few nice screenshots is not gonna change that. The game better be great.

Azzanation1176d ago

Wow dude honestly.. Horizon has a good chance of selling more because it is out on a console with twice the sales but that doesn't make it a bigger or better game. TR is a massive franchises exceeding past the video game industry a lot like Halo etc. Horizon has the chance to be great but lets not compare it to one of the best female characters in gaming. GG hasn't proved yet they can make a masterpiece or even a great game since Killzone 2. Horizon will be judged as a new IP not as a successor to Tomb Raider. Two completely different games, two completely different leagues of popularity.

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subtenko1176d ago

Yea and as for the forbes peice, wtf...we have games with female lead characters to. Pshh Until Dawn has more than 1!! Guess tombraider is already dead! Oh wait, that happened when Naughty Dog created Uncharted.. xD

I agree tho, a combination of uncharted only being on ps, tombraider trying to make a comback and a few other things is why tombraider is on the map where it is. If its a good game then great!

_-EDMIX-_1176d ago

I think Horizon will do great, but I can't really say all that about it in terms of sales. That is a bit of a bold statement. Last Tomb Raider did like 9 million, this next one in life time sales could likely do around the same. I'll be happy if Horizon goes past 5 million or even better if it does The Last Of Us numbers and pulls like 7 million.

Who knows. I think it will do well though, but if I had ot put money on it, I would say Tomb Raider in the long run might sell more, its just on more platforms like AC , COD etc.

I could be wrong too...this IP could do like 10 million lol, who knows.

4Sh0w1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

"TR is relevant it's because of the controversy"

CONGRATULATIONS to the fanboys who decided to downplay 1 game just to hype another= You just won your Daily Fanboy Award which is worth've earned it, now go buy yourself nothing.

TR has been a popular franchise for eon's, Rise of the Tomb Raider is the follow up to a reboot that was very well received by professional critics and gamers alike, it sold upwards of around 9mil, I don't care how many platforms it was on that is some huge popularity, so much so it got a next gen remake in a very short period from its initial release= NOW all of a sudden, "'meh who cares about TR"....pffft, that's some serious fanboy denial.

I'm not keen on GG's last title but Horizon so far looks like an awesome game, I can tell Guerilla are really working hard on Horizon. If and when I get a ps4 its going to be the first game I buy, I've said that since E3 but the 2 games have nothing to do with each other but of course the whole idea of this article by Forbes was to stir up controversy, once again fanboys fall for the hit headlines everytime.

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jon_snow1177d ago

Proven franchise sale is right but most of sales happened on Playstation System. Last TR reboot sold most on playstation system(65%) so the new TR no matter how good it is, it will still will not be able to achieve sales figure.
I can bet Horizon sales will be more than New TR x1 sales; also New TR sales will be more on PS4 than X1 even though it release a year later.

Dario_DC1176d ago

I really hope the new tomb raider bombs on the PS4, these types of deals are just wrong and the PS4 gamers should just leave it on the store shelves where it belongs. I'm sure not gonna buy, maybe rent it, maybe...
We already know it's not gonna sell much on the Xbox One where most people will end up playing Halo 5 and Fallout.

TwoForce1176d ago

Dude, just stop. Both of them have their own unique identity. Aloy is much more confident and Lara is much more risky. I respect Tomb Raider as a series continues to move on. I do prefer Horizon over Tomb Raider, but i do respect the series. We do need more female main characters in the end. Horizon is something new and fresh from GG. I know Horizon will receive well for gamer same goes with Tomb Raider.

GribbleGrunger1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

Putting political correctness to one side, what this article is actually asking is, can an open world role playing game end the reign of a linear, story driven adventure game? There IS no answer, just ludicrously manufactured conjecture from a site short of ideas for articles.

Volkama1176d ago

You are missing the part where both lead protagonists have boobs, and are therefore essentially the exact same character. Games industry just 'aint big enough for the both of them.

Forbes :|

johndoe112111176d ago

THANK YOU. This article is one of the most senseless flamebait articles I have seen in a while. Where the hell do people come up with this drivel?

GribbleGrunger1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

There are many valid reasons to have a debate about the roles of female characters in games, the impact it has on the industry and those that play -- a bikini clad, torn tight wearing female who writhes erotically in the rain because she breaths through her skin springs to mind (I felt so ashamed Kojima). But there are also many instances when a female character has no place in such a debate. Ellie being a prime example.

The industry has a 'duty' to discuss such things but to drag every female character into the debate is doing a disservice to those developers brave enough to buck the trend. The fact I can legitimately use the word 'brave' actually demonstrates there's a reason to discuss this problem. Not here though, Forbes, not here.

NukaCola1176d ago

Gribble, if your asking if an open world rpg will crush a linear adventure game with a female lead then YES, Fallout 4 is going to pummel TR to death... and everything else in it's path.

GribbleGrunger1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )


No, I'm not asking that question at all. How many a certain genre sells has no baring on the point I'm making. That's what Forbes is asking not me. I do not care whether either games have female protagonists and I do not care what genre each represent or how many they sell, all I care about is fair representation.

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divinealpha1176d ago

Well Sony fanboys will say she will be better than Lara. The same fanboys who say tomb raider is copying uncharted,or is the fake uncharted Even though tomb raider was out years before uncharted lol.

GribbleGrunger1176d ago

Really? I guess Forbes found its audience.

NukaCola1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

Sony Fanboys say TR came out before Uncharted!?!?!?! No way when?! 1995 perhaps?

TR started on PS1... hmmm


Maybe "Sony Fans" know what they are talking about and how the reboot of TR is a direct influence of the success of Uncharted. I only say this because I love playstation and have seen TR change for 20 years. It is Playstation's oldest IP after all.

shadowknight2031176d ago

I loved tr on ps4. But yes conparing tr on ps1-ps2 to todays tr it feels exactly like an uncharted gameplay-wise. And that is because uncharted redefined the action platformer genre, and tr was stuck in it's old self for a long time. Crystal dynamics simply caught up with the times with their latest game, resembling uncharted moreso simply because uncharted released first in it's aspects to being a "tomb raider for the next generation". So yes uncharted was inspired by tr, but tr of today's games were inspired by uncharted.

AndrewLB1176d ago

Tomb Raider wasn't originally a PS1 game. It was initially released on Sega Saturn in late October 1996, followed by PC the following month. The Playstation version came a week after that.

And btw... Uncharted came 10 years after Tomr Raider.

MysticStrummer1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

Anyone who has played the old Tomb Raiders, then played Uncharted, then played the Tomb Raider reboot knows that the reboot played much more like Uncharted than it did the old Tomb Raiders.

OT - The premise of this article is ridiculous on several levels.

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thisismyaccount1176d ago

"success of TR 2013"

No wonder, when you re-sell the same shitty game a few times (DE incl.). Sorry but TR2013 was not worth the $60, waaaay too condescending for my like.

And in retrospect, it wasn´t even a Tomb Raider game.

shadowknight2031176d ago

This is the dumbest headline I've read on n4g in a whole couple days.

Justiceleague1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

Horizon will be an action RPG and similar to the Witcher. It's a whole different game.

TheDrunkenJester1176d ago

Is it an RPG? I don't remember hearing that... you can loot enemies and find new weapons and armor etc? Or is it like Tomb Raider where as you go you collect stuff and just upgrade your weapons and unlock new ones as you go?

peshkavusCA1176d ago

This matters so much for PS fanboys so..

Justiceleague1176d ago


Yes its an RPG, Guerrilla games said it in a interview a couple months ago. They also hired the Witcher 3 developers to help them with the game play and the RPG elements

himdeel1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

I have a female lead character in Bloodborne and she's plenty tough with backstory and lots of lore. People can play as women in Metal Gear 5 if they choose and choke fools out. Hell, play Life is Strange this year if you want to play as a teen girl. Folks can also roll a female character in Fallout when it drops.

There are plenty of games that a gives this option to play another gender but anyone that thinks one games will fills the "woman lead in my game" quota for any console is just ignorant. Have a discussion about the women developing games and not the ones protrayed in them if you want to have an intelligent conversation.

_-EDMIX-_1176d ago

I can't stop laughing! They came out that that farrrrrrrrrrrrrrr stretch! Who is even letting these stories get approved?

TwoForce1176d ago

@moldybread Well, it could delay. But GG had developed this game after they shipped KZ 3. GG release thier game about 9 months.

alabtrosMyster1176d ago

Lara isn't much of a character, I mean yes she holds guns and strangle tons of guys with her bow, but in the last game (and apparently rise as well) she is basically "in danger" saved by a QTE every few moments... She is more a cutie than an actual powerful woman.

Now this one looks like a warrior, she is seen acting like one and doesn't sound like a porn star when she gets hurt.

I have nothing against sexy lady, but I think that an adventurer usually does not carry her makeup kit when she goes after whatever she is looking for.

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NovusTerminus1177d ago

" Rise of the Tomb Raider will be exclusive to XBOX for a full year, means that PlayStation consumers will be needing a female protagonist. "

Well, we have Kat (And Raven) from Gravity Rush. Mikasa counts in AoT and they are all great characters.

There is no shortage of female leads who are great characters. On any platform.

triple_c1176d ago

There are and have been several female protagonist's in PlayStation games like Chloe, Elena, Ellie, Aloy, Kat, Nariko, Logan (Syphon Filter), Lian Xing (Syphon Filter), Madison Page, Jodie Holmes, Jennifer (Rule of Rose), Hana (Fear Effect), Jen (Primal), Tati (Rise of the Kasai), Lilika (Rogue Galaxy) and of course Sam, Ashley, Emily and Bethe from Until Dawn.

Those are just off the top of my head.. I'm probably missing more.

Don't be surprised if you start seeing more female protagonist in PlayStation games. Sony is apparently going after the female players lol

ecchiless1176d ago

This so off topic but dont care, we need another fear effect game, those games were so good in the PS(PS1 for some ppl) old days.

OT: Yea a lot of female chars in the next ps4 games, forbes is just a lame site when is a game topic...

WilliamUsher1177d ago

There's a lot wrong with this article.

"PlayStation consumers will be needing a female protagonist."

Why? Do we also need Arab, Chinese, Japanese, American, Australian, Black, Mexican or Brazilian protagonists as well? Could it be that maybe games need protagonists that fit the vision of the the creative design instead of having someone in there fit the quota set by the politically correct police?

"[Ubisoft] got so much backlash, that presumably they redesigned Syndicate to include a female."

No, they did not. Evie was already pre-planned during the concept design phase, that happens years before a game is released. Playable characters are the first things designed (and paid for) in game development, so that silly comment above shows just how much the writer is not informed about the way game design, budgets and conceptual product planning is handled in the industry.

"The biggest question in all of this might just be how much thunder can Aloy steal from Lara?"


"From the outside, the game appears to be the answer to a lot of things. A clamoring for more female driven media for a start."

So we're supposed to ignore ALL the other games out there and currently releasing starring female characters that media selectively ignores in order to push their gender politics discussion?

Games like Wasteland 2, Tearaway Unfolded, Tales of Zestiria, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (yes you can play as a female), Fallout 4 and Rainbow Six: Siege all don't count, eh?

It's pretty sad that so many games get ignored so people can keep the animosity and misinformation brewing in the gaming sector.

It would also be nice if some underrated titles starring female characters were talked about more -- like the Perils of Man, Woolfe or Belladonna -- as opposed to forcing gender issues into topics where they don't belong.

Volkama1176d ago

"Do we also need Arab, Chinese, Japanese, American, Australian, Black, Mexican or Brazilian protagonists as well?"

Of course not! Xbox doesn't have any of those.


peshkavusCA1176d ago

Why? because you're a racist fanboy?

Volkama1176d ago

I am not a racist or a fanboy.

I simply made a loose observation relevant to the discussion, or rather I drew attention to a loose observation that anyone can make. I haven't even given my thoughts or opinions on the matter, so it seems a bit speculative and frankly insulting that you accuse me of racism.

I am someone that comments on N4G, so I do understand the fanboy accusation. You would get short odds on that with any bookie, as there are many fanboys here. You'd have wasted your money this time, as I am not one of them.

fermcr1176d ago

"Will 'Horizon: Zero Dawn' End 'Tomb Raider's' Reign?"



CKPan1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

yeap! TR hasn't reigned for a long time. HZD has nothing to end.

TheDrunkenJester1176d ago

HZD has nothing to end because it hasn't even started yet. It might be dead on arrival (I doubt it) like The Order.

Justiceleague1176d ago

Its suppose to be an open world RPG. If its anything like the Witcher Tomb Raider shouldn't be compared to this game.

Dannycr1176d ago

Well, I personally prefer Elena and Chloe a lot more than Lara.

DragonDDark1176d ago Show