NBA Live 16's demo is bringing us back to the NBA Elite glory days

MMGN writes: NBA Live has been making inroads after falling behind 2K's NBA 2K franchise. Two cancelled games in NBA Elite 11 and NBA Live 13 were major setbacks for a series that was rapidly losing market share. The release of NBA Live 14 came and went with little fanfare (and a stack of negative reviews) while NBA Live 15 was able to earn back some respect for the iconic sports brand.

NBA Live 16 looked set to once again make big strides in an effort to catch up to NBA 2K, and it may very well do that. But early signs haven't been promising, with the game's demo, released last week on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, proving embarrassing for EA.

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XanderZane1180d ago

LOL @ NBA LIVE. I'm didn't think it would be that bad, so I picked up NBA Live 15 on the dirt cheap ($8) and gave it a try. The presentation and half-time show is actually better then NBA 2K15. The AI is horrible however. The animation and graphics aren't on par with NBA 2K15. It is a step up from NBA 2K14 though, which I gave a nice 4 score. NBA Livee 15 I give a 6 score. If NBA Live 16's demo is any indication of what the full game will be like, I suggest fans just wait for the reviews before spending $60 on another dud.

crazychris41241180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

Hopefully the servers are amazing and everything else is decent so it sells pretty well and hopefully wakes up 2k. Servers for 2k15 are garbage and is one of the biggest problems with the game followed closely by players cheesing up the joint.

Mike041180d ago

The demo was decent, animation is meh, presentation is good, gameplay is way more likeable than 2K cheese and over rated players. Here you can actually challenge every shot and will have the big chance to miss a shot,.

IamTylerDurden11180d ago

I didn't play this years demo but i played the last 2, Live 14 was an abomination of a game, literally laughable. Live 15 was vastly improved to the point where it was just kinda bad, so maybe 16 will actually be mediocre.

Jalen Rose just can't speak, his portion of the presentation is awful he is unable to properly enunciate, as if he harbors a mouth full of Swedish Fish. I love Jeff Van Gundy, and Mike Breen is okay, but they are terrible at videogame play by play.

2K is eons better than Live, EA needs to stop wasting money on this trash. 2K quit making baseball games now EA needs to gracefully bow out and stop disgracing the hardwood. EA can wipe the retirement tears with the million dollar bills they get via the money-printing machine known as Fifa.

iceman061180d ago

NBA 2K DOES have some cheese, but it still plays a WAAAAY better game of basketball than Live. Having played about 10 hours of the online portion of the demo, I can say that Live is not without it's cheese as well. The fact is that people will find a way to cheese. You find it in ANY multiplayer online game. That being said, it's still a step above NBA Elite and might be a solid foundation for the future. As of right now, it's a very rough and basic translation of basketball that lacks any nuance. (and shares many of the issues that people complained about for years on older 2k games)

Vasto1180d ago

People have no idea what a bad game is. Live 15 was good and Live 16 is much improved.