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Saint Killjoy writes: In Loving Memory of Philip K. Dick

SOMA is a sci-fi Horror experience developed by Frictional Games. They are the developers responsible for creating Amnesia: The Dark Descent and the Penumbra series. I don’t typically play games that are in the Horror genre, and this is the first game I’ve played by this particular developer. Now sci-fi games, that’s completely different. I can deal with a little bit of horror in that case. At first, I thought I was stepping into a space station. It was a very metallic environment, I felt encased, protected from the outside world, which I thought had to be space. I eventually got to a point where I was presented with the fact that I was going to drown. I was confused, wondering where all of this water was coming from. Turns out, I wasn’t in space after all. I was under the Atlantic Ocean.

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NewMonday1176d ago

another 1st person adventure gem, a genre that keeps growing

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SolidGear31176d ago

Unfortunately this brilliant gem doesn't appear to be getting any attention on this site and it's 8am here and still not available to purchase on the PlayStation Store.