Star Trek Wrath of Gems Review by Gravis Ludus

Carl Williams writes, "I have not exactly been the biggest fan of the Star Trek universe, I found a lot of enjoyment in the original when I was younger and Enterprise was fun for me but apparently not many others. The movie has already explored the whole “what if Kirk and Picard met” story angle and it was, well, it was a movie. This must be where the premise for Star Trek Wrath of Gems was conceived from since it features both the original Star Trek (Kirk and company) and The Next Generation (Picard and company). This is not an adventure title like most think it would considering the license involved. No, Wrath of Gems is a Bejeweled game with some battle elements strapped on for a change of pace. Fans of other, similar, titles such as Puzzle Quest, Puzzle Troopers and more, will be right at home with Star Trek Wrath of Gems."

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