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It was 4 a.m., and though my Fireteam should have stepped away from Destiny: The Taken King's fantastic endgame raid hours ago, the six-player assault kept us awake to try and stomp our way to the final boss. But a challenging co-op gauntlet isn't the only thing fueling our lust for better loot drops and great shooting – there are plenty of changes, big and small, that make Destiny a much better game. The short-but-sweet campaign, menacing Taken enemies, clever bosses, and rewarding loot system, combined with another inventive raid, have made these late-night play sessions a regular thing. This expansion is the shot in the arm that Destiny needed.

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Rimeskeem1179d ago

8-10s across the board, pretty surprised tbh.

-Foxtrot1179d ago

I'm not

It's Destiny. If the main game got such high reviews despite the product we actually got, then I don't see why an expansion going into it's second year would be any different.

We'll probably see the "Why Taken King was a letdown" or "The Taken King: Was it Enough?" articles popping up from the same people giving it such a good score in a month or so

Allsystemgamer1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

It didn't get high reviews. It got decent reviews. A lot of 7s

SnotyTheRocket1179d ago

So cynical, literally all the time. It's a damn good expansion. Deal with it.

Septic1179d ago

Well I gave the last one a 4/10 so you can trust me on the review score. This one actually does do a lot of things right. Hey, the paid beta is finally over!

bryank751179d ago

The main game had excellent gameplay. Some things were unbalanced and other things were missing... like story. Bosses were bullet sponges etc.

They have patched many of the problems they could through the year and now they have addressed a lot of the other problems like story and 1 manning raids etc.

The game is brilliant, deal with it. It is sad that people have to hate on this game to feel good about themselves....
You won't see those articles, cause it is genuinely excellent.

BiggerBoss1179d ago

"Such high reviews"

IGN gave the base game a 7.8....

JeffGUNZ1179d ago

@ Foxtrot.

Have you even played it?

It is completely different in a good way. The quest lines (which I am surprised how many their are, it seems never ending with new quests), are a really nice addition. Their is actually a story this time which helps things out. The ranking system makes sense now and is much more enjoyable then previously. It is really an excellent expansion and actually FEELS like one this time. I grew so tired of this game by House Of Wolves and didn't even think I was going to get this content anytime soon. After reading all the reviews and player feedback, I gave it a shot and am absolutely impressed.

Also, Destiny never got real high reveiws, it averaged in the 7's.

maybelovehate1179d ago

IGN gave vanilla Destiny a 7

warczar1179d ago Show
WildArmed1179d ago

Destiny year 1 was a 6/10.

Destiny year 2 is (surprisingly) a strong 8/10.

So yeah, not surprising that the game is getting much better scores.

It manages to scratch that odd co-op game itch as well as improve on the abysmal mess that was Destiny on launch.

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RpgSama1179d ago

Wish I had time to sink in this game, too much time commitment for grinding and looting, that's why i'd never got into MMORPG neither, even if I always wanted to do it.

nosferatuzodd1179d ago

Am I missing something this game got a 9 out of 10 wow

JeffGUNZ1179d ago

The expansion the taken king got a 9 out of 10 and it deserves it. FINALLY this game feels like Bungie has their game here. I am actually shocked how good this content is right now and how they changed so many things and did it right. Really surprised.

ABizzel11178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

It's a much better game I can attest to that. The first game for me was a 7/10 after they added the free updates (launch was a 6), this one is a strong 8.5 - 9.0 / 10.

There's a lot of stuff to do (TONS if this would be your first time playing), more weapons, rebalanced, more modes, crucible is fun again, some nice boss fights (Taken King content at least, love the DarkKnight fight), and finally a bit of story (though still not top quality).

This is the game Destiny should have been at launch and a Year ago it would have been earning 9's across the board, and won GOTY 2014.

But here we are in 2015, those of us who've played since Day 1 had to suffer through a year of ups and downs, and so it gets a slight knock.

I still have gripes with a few things. Specifically:

*Loot drops (beat the S.A.B.E.R Nightfall and got 2 motes of light as a rewards....COMPLETE AND UTTER BS), at least offer 30 Legendary Marks for Nightfalls if you have rewards like that.

*Lack of Year 2 versions for all exotics (IMO they need another reason to sell the next seasonal DLC)

*Raid armor should always be upgradable (but they need a reason to sell that next seasonal DLC)

*Cutting content from the original game (can't prove it factually, but a lot of areas miraculously opened up with prior DLC's (Resputain's bunker, Skolis behind Vex on Venus, Saturn shown and playable in dev diaries), and now seeing the Crota missions only Rank 12 tells me all that stuff was part of the original game, but taken out to be sold)

*Still no matchmaking for Raids (at least give players the choice, it's hard finding 5 friends to raid with, and it sucks waiting sometimes hours to find a Raid group on the forums, hopefully PS & Xbox Communities fix this, though Xbox doesn't seem to be what PS is offering, but we'll see).

*How Bungie handles Year 1 players (we pay max price ($140) to keep the game up and running while struggling for levels / weapons / good armors, and all that gets taken away from us while newcomers wait a year pay $40 and get everything handed to them)

3-4-51179d ago

* The controls and mechanics in Destiny are the best I've ever played with probably, it was just all the other stuff that needed some tweaking.

I'm taking a long break from Destiny, but I still like it.

I'll come back for year 3 once a lot more noticeable improvements have been made and then I'll have like 2 years of Destiny to catch up on.

I'm glad it's getting good reviews though, as that is good for Destiny's future.

warczar1179d ago

For a whole years worth of destiny content you would need to wait at least two years. Maybe you'll even be able to get it at half price, but I doubt it.

bryank751179d ago

Why? The mechanics were excellent... best on the market. They just added what fans wanted.

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PrinterMan1179d ago

Why must I spend another 80 dollars though!? I already own Destiny but the Taken King is another 80 dollars?? I think I'm being taken. :(

TheDrunkenJester1179d ago

It is only $40 for the expansion...

Benchm4rk1178d ago


Not in Australia. I paid $70 for it here

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Tankbusta401179d ago

Apparently it only took a year and over 100 bucks for the early adopters!!! What a fantastic masterpiece!!!!

ALowlyRock1179d ago

Yep. So glad to be a year 1 beta tester. And it only cost me $100.... -_-

n4rc1179d ago

my xbox says 904 hours played... id say it was well worth it lol

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1179d ago

Given the hours I put into this game and the amount of game time I have with friends. I don't mind. Hell, it's call of duty all over again for me. I'm actually playing a game with friends for a change lol

AngelicIceDiamond1179d ago

Clearly a paid review either that or IGN is simply cheerleading Bungie.

G20WLY1179d ago

Have you not seen the other reviews? This is a pretty standard score for this game. It's reviewing better than the original and they fully explain in the text what makes it better, so I don't know why you would doubt the truth in it.

...Other than the fact that IGN are often full of crap, of course! ;^P

JWiLL5521179d ago

Why is anyone surprised Bungie made something really good?

The surprising part was how lackluster it was at launch.

Eejanaika1179d ago

Well said. I don't believe it deserves a 9/10.
Glad im not the only one thinking this.

SolidGear31179d ago

I just did the intelligent thing and waited because I saw this happening after I played the beta. Once I get it after I play Fallout 4 it'll likely be $40 for the whole thing :3

PickAShoe1179d ago

Yeah, I was a beta tester too. Thankfully I know what this game was going to be before throwing money at it. I'll save that money for Fallout 4. :D

TheDrunkenJester1179d ago

I wish they would have had some fan service for all the people who sunk a ton of hours in the vanilla game... Or at least gave us a discount or something.

Benchm4rk1178d ago

What are you talking about. We all got a new sparrow, emblem and shader....what more could you want /s

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Grap1179d ago ShowReplies(2)
PizzaSteve1179d ago

I respect other people taste in games but Destiny is one game I just can't play.

SolidGear31179d ago

Kinda like me with the GTA series.

G20WLY1179d ago

You'll get better, just practice. :)

MysticStrummer1178d ago

@Pizza - That's a great way to put it. +bub