Star Trek-themed VR demo takes a tour of the Enterprise-D


Barely a month goes by without news of another childhood dream fulfilled thanks to the power of virtual reality. This time it's a virtual tour of Star Trek's Enterprise-D, courtesy of the Enterprise 3D Construction Project. Built using Unreal Engine 4, the 3D recreation now has Oculus support (though it's not available to download as yet). The Enterprise-D is eerily empty, but it's a thrill just watching someone explore it in the above video.

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kalkano1097d ago

It'll have a fully-functional holodeck, right? ;)

Rimeskeem1097d ago

Dude, that would literally be my life.

Kalebninja1097d ago

Why are there a million VR demos and much fewer actual projects? If they want VR to be big they can't just show things they're never going to make.