Final Fantasy XII HD Remaster Teased In Upcoming Strategy Guide – Report

Final Fantasy XII has been long due for a proper HD Remaster for the current generation consoles. Final Fantasy producer Yoshinori Kitase had talked about a potential Final Fantasy XII HD remaster depending on the success of Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD.

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PhoenixUp1179d ago

I really hope a FFXII HD becomes a reality

SynGamer1179d ago

hands down my favorite modern Final Fantasy, even with the annoying English Vaan voice. Would love to play this on PS4 in proper widescreen HD.

babadivad1179d ago

I'm Captain Basch Fon Ronsenburg of Dalmasca!!

KimikoGaming1179d ago

I want to play it on the Vita.

Sly-Lupin1179d ago

As far as I'm concerned, it's the only modern Final Fantasy.

nitus101179d ago

Even on my BC PS3 and 55" HDTV FF12 still looks good and of course the gameplay is great.

After a long hiatus FF12 brought back the options of active and passive turn-base switching which IMHO had been sadly missing since FF6.

What made FF12 unique out of all the FF games was the fact that you did not move into a fight arena but fought in the area where you encountered the enemy. Also no more random encounters since you could see the enemy and if possible avoid them. Also the maps were so much larger.

Note: FF13 allowed you to see your enemy but still used the fight arena as well as active turn base only and a more simplified version of the FF12 tactics programming.

One feature which probably not many are aware is as you increased in levels lower level creatures avoided you unless you deliberately attacked them.


Now that brings back memories.

bouzebbal1179d ago

fully agree. i still have the game.
The last amazing FF game i played. I expected SE to announce it at TGS but there is still hope.

NukaCola1179d ago

Would love it on Vita and PS4. I wonder if Square would grant us crossbuy for once.

guitarded771179d ago

I loved XII too... more than X. Don't know if it's my favorite, but it's one of my favorites. Wish they would have just done a X and XII HD on one disc and skipped X-2.

kingfetish171178d ago

Can't believe I leveled up all of my characters to 99. Crazy time grinding in this game back in the day. Still need to capture the last 2 summons. Might need to use a strategy guide or gamefaqs since they were so difficult to defeat. Haven't even beaten this game yet. My last save is somewhere towards the end. Not sure if I could go thru a remaster. Trophies would drive me insane lol

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3-4-51179d ago

Never got to play it so playing it in HD would be nice.

blackblades1179d ago

My first FF game, never actually beat it cause I stopped playing right at the final boss.

mechlord1179d ago

Well, it is the only main entry that hasnt got the HD treatment; so i expect it to be more a matter of time than anything else

Nintentional1179d ago

It would be so awesome. It's my favorite FF game almost, beaten only by FF IX.

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Blastoise1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

I was pretty gutted it wasn't announced at TGS. I was so sure it would be.

Need this game on Vita

Kamikaze1351179d ago

Comes out November 3rd of this year. Hopefully that means they're waiting for SE to formally announce XII HD so they can start selling it! XII was pretty awesome and when an HD version gets announced, I'm guessing that means we're getting the international version, which I never got to play.

Drummerdude411179d ago

pcsx2, international in hd is amazing!

trywizardo1179d ago

Xii and Xii-2 HD collection would be awesome

madcowzz1179d ago

By XII-2 do you mean Revenant Wings that came out on DS? If so then I fully agree. A XII HD Remaster should feature that as well as the International Zodiac Job System

eyeDEVOUR1179d ago

The Vita is just amazing for old games!
Games id kill for to come to vita would be..

Shadow of the colossus
Xenosaga series from ps2
StarOcean games from ps2
Demons Souls or Dark Souls

Awww the fapping...

styferion1179d ago

man, I'd give anything for a xenosaga collection on vita.. I only got to play episode 1 on ps2.

vergilxx31179d ago

Not going to happen i've lost hope for anything after gravity rush went to ps4

ZaWarudo1179d ago

Yeah, but that was Sony. Third party cares more about the Vita than Sony does. So of course Gravity Rush went to PS4, i saw that coming a mile away after Tearaway did the same.

I wonder what other Sony owned Vita IP will jump ship to PS4.


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