What Comes After The Taken King?

Hardcore Gamer: With the newly released expansion for Destiny being out for a little less than a week, raging fans are already curious about the future of the sci-fi shooter.

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spicelicka1177d ago

Probably destiny 2 next yea, followed by more expansions that complete the game.

They made too many sales this way to revert back. Tis the Activision way.

Baka-akaB1177d ago

More like probably two more dlcs and a new pass ... then a new game including those two dlcs without any discount for the owners of the pass .

TheSaint1176d ago

This, and people will bend over for it again.

Eldyraen1177d ago

2 should at least follow TK's lead and actually play more like a real story that makes some semblance of sense--TK basically did what they should had done for the core game in the first place.

2 though will likely continue the first's "story" and learn more about the Traveller, Speaker and the woman I don't even remember much of anything about while hopefully adding more side quests (like TK again).

bradfh1177d ago

every year for the next 10 years

kbozz711176d ago

Just like Call of Duty.

Rookie_Monster1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

And another $60 for the disc copy with Taken King included and dubbed it Destiny 3.0.

Perjoss1176d ago

Over here it was more like £40 for the game and another £20 each for DLC I and II. Thats about $120 altogether, NOT including Taken King.

Tankbusta401177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

Probably 2 crappy expansions then another one like taken king in the next year...they won't even touch Destiny 2 until people stop throwing money at this

Summons751177d ago

If that's your argument they will be riding Destiny without 2 for a longtime. WoW is in despite need of a WoW 2 and people still through money at the game, they've been riding the WoW train for 11 years now. Bungie could easily take this till the end of Satan's contract of 10 years.

Unreal011176d ago

"They won't even touch Destiny 2"

Of course they're not, I don't think you understand the model Bungie are going for, there isn't going to be a Destiny 2. Just an ongoing Destiny game with heaps of new content over the coming months & years (like WoW as Summons mentioned). A Destiny 2 hardly makes sense.

Tzuno1177d ago

The taken queen of course, sorry Mario but the princess is in another DLC.

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