Video game characters are the best of all

“I have experienced some of the most incredible characters and stories while playing video games. They have taken me on unforgettable journeys, and I have fallen for so many places and characters. By letting me live in their worlds, these characters have made me part of who they are. I have shaped not only their futures, but the futures of countless universes. -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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calvincrack1183d ago

The built in problem with video game characters is that they usually need to be tough as well. This kind of narrows the stories that you can tell, not unlike the average Hollywood blockbuster. I hope future video game devs find ways to tell more and more different genres of story and bring in interesting game play elements besides shooting.

Darkwatchman1183d ago

Ummm what? Not every game needs to be tough???? What kind of ludicrous idea is that? Some experiences lend themselves to being punishing. Some experiences lend themselves to being tough, but not excessive. Some experiences lend themselves to being easy. It all depends on the kind of game and the story you're trying to tell so no. What you said isn't an inherent problem to games as a medium. It's inherent to a different kind of game design. Look at games like Journey where there is no difficulty because you don't fight or do much of anything or "walking simulators". Not every game needs to be tough.

brettnll1183d ago

Yea, some of the best game experiences are easy!

fitfox1183d ago

better than book or film characters? fail.