A look at the lithographs being included in the Fallout 4 Collector's Edition Strategy Guide

A look at the lithographs, as well as some new details, in the Fallout 4 Collector's Edition Strategy Guide.

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-Foxtrot913d ago

And they can't add this kind of stuff, along with the season pass in the collectors edition because....



madcowzz913d ago

This is the strategy guide...

-Foxtrot913d ago

I know. I mean the lithos

Phoenix76913d ago

Well they are bonus "collectors" pieces. And just like the "collectors" guide book, will only be printed one time.

Nate-Dog913d ago

In fairness the whole collectors' edition of a guide is a bit laughable but a good example of what the industry is at now. I'm sure soon enough we'll have standard guides, collectors' edition guides and then day one guides.

eklektic913d ago

I'm pretty sure strategy guides are made by a different company and not by the games development team.

akurtz913d ago

i have both this and the pip boy edition pre ordered on amazon, arrive on launch day 😜